‘America’s Got Talent’ Alum Jackie Evancho Speaks Out About Health Struggles Following Her Time on the Show

by Megan Molseed

America’s Got Talent alum Jackie Evancho is speaking out about her recent health struggles. Struggles, the singer says, ultimately lead to some big changes in her life after her time on the popular TV show.

In a recent interview with People, the America’s Got Talent star dove deep into her lifelong battle with anorexia, as well as he recent struggle with osteoporosis. According to Evancho, who found success on AGT at just 10 years old, her battle with anorexia reached a turning point in the winter of 2021.

According to the singer, she was hospitalized after a car accident that resulted in her breaking her back in two places. However, Evancho soon learned that there was a lot more to her injuries than just the car accident.

“They were abnormal breaks,” Evancho says of her injuries.

“Breaks that you see in 80-year-olds,” the singer recalls.

“That’s how I learned that my eating problems created osteoporosis,” she adds. “So now I’m a 22-year-old with osteoporosis.”

America’s Got Talent Alum Shares Parts Of Her Health Struggles With Her Fans In A Recent Insta Post

Recently, Jackie Evancho shared with her fans that she recently opened up about her health struggles in an interview. While sharing her story was “scary” for the America’s Got Talent alum, she does admit the experience was also “freeing.”

“I recently posted a video on my social media that caused a lot of my fans to comment on my weight and health,” the singer shares in the July 6 Insta post.

“I won’t lie, some of the comments hit me hard,” the America’s Got Talent alum continues.

“but I know that a lot of you don’t know my truth very well,” Evancho adds.

“I took a big step in doing an interview that I did not hold back in,” she continues in her Insta message. “It’s scary to tell your truth, especially if it’s more dark than you’d like to admit, but it’s also freeing.”

According to the singer, she decided to check into an inpatient hospital. This move, the A Case of You singer explains, was not only an effort to heal from her injuries. She was also determined to begin the healing process as she battled her eating disorder; ultimately facing her newly diagnosed osteoporosis.

“I had to eat [for my bones] to heal,” Evancho explains.

“And that really messed me up with my eating problems,” the singer relates. “Because I was gaining weight to heal.”

According to Evancho, her focus right now is to “implement healthy coping skills,” as well as to develop healthier eating habits. But, she adds, it’s a continuous struggle.

“I’m still struggling,” Evancho admits. “But I’m fighting.”

The singer says that she is moving along in this process noting that even “a year ago I was giving in to it completely.” A truth Evancho admits is “dark and painful.”

“I’m not healthy yet,” she adds. “But I have been able to implement healthy coping skills and better eating habits.”