‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Heidi Klum Gives ‘Sad’ Update About Her Daughter

by Samantha Whidden

As a first-time parent of a college student, there’s always the sinking feeling that something is going to go wrong. America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum admits she gets that feeling every so often when her daughter, Leni, is not with her as the younger Klum attends college in New York City. 

During her interview on The Late Late Show With James Corden earlier this week, the America’s Got Talent judge admitted it’s sad known that Leni is in New York while she remains in Los Angeles. “It’s crazy, today she had her first day in college. This weekend, she just moved in, and I call her. Normally she picks up, but then three, four hours I don’t hear anything. And already, my head is going, ‘Where is she? What is she doing? Why is she not answering? Already the worrying is starting.” 

She then spoke about Lena’s milestones over the years. “First they have a car and they drive, and that’s hard,” the America’s Got Talent star declared. “Then they move across the country, and that’s harder.”

Klum does jokingly admit that she finds herself calling Leni every two hours. “Now I want the number of the roommate, so I can bug the roommate if she doesn’t pick up… And then I’m going to get the number from the neighbor.” 

The hilariously adorable interview comes just days after Klum took to her Instagram to gush about her daughter’s college adventure. “Today is your big move to head off to college,” she stated in the post, which features Klum walking the Victoria’s Secret runway while being four months pregnant with Leni. “Seems like only yesterday that this photo was taken when I was four months pregnant with you safe and sound in my belly.” 

‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Heidi Klum Discusses Her Emotions of Her Daughter Heading to College For the First Time 

Also during an interview with Entertainment Tonight earlier this month, America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum opened up about her emotions about her daughter, Leni, heading off to college for the first time. 

“I am [so proud],” Klum said. “You know, she has her head screwed on right. Right now, college is on top of the list. It’s not modeling and she’s really excited for that next chapter in her life.”

Unfortunately for Klum, the next chapter is Leni officially leaving the nest. “Which is obviously sad, but at the same time that she’s got enough to go for it. She’s moving to New York. I started in New York, so she knows New York inside and out because we shot Project Runway there for so many years. So she knows it well because I always move my family to New York when we were still filming. So, I think she’s going to have to a good timeout my heart will be sad.”

Along with Leni, Klum is the mother of Henry, Johan, and Lola. She shares her three other children with ex-husband, Seal. Leni is the daughter of Klum and Flavio Briatore. However, Briatore has not been involved in Leni’s life and Klum has stated that Seal is Leni’s father.