‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Heidi Klum Reveals Horrifying Dating Experience

by Shelby Scott

As one of America’s Got Talent‘s famous judges, Heidi Klum has had a multitude of strange experiences. However, during a recent TV appearance, Klum shared an even stranger experience that happened far from the set of America’s Got Talent.

While speaking with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, Heidi Klum revealed a date once pulled the cringe-worthy “hot dog in the popcorn” trick. If you know, you know.

Anyway, according to OutKick, the interview started out innocently. The America’s Got Talent judge began by speaking about her three-year anniversary with her husband, Tom Kaultiz. Things escalated from there, however, in a less innocent way. And, eventually, we saw Klum sharing the strange details of her date.

In detailing her experience, she said, “I’m reaching over and I’m eating popcorn and then all of the sudden, there’s a hot dog in the popcorn—but it was attached. The hot dog that’s still attached.”

Per the outlet, Klum and guest host Nicole Byer did a poll of the audience to see if any of the fans had had a similar experience. Unfortunately for the AGT judge, it seems she’s the only one to have had the pleasure of that experience.

Those looking to watch the full clip can catch it below. But Heidi Klum begins detailing her dating experience at the 3:47 mark.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Fans Are Wondering How This Act Got Past Auditions

Determining a winner for the 17th season of America’s Got Talent is going to be incredibly difficult. After all, we’ve seen a number of stellar performances cross the stage this year. Several include 21-year-old saxophonist Avery Dickson, country music trio Chapel Hart, and 12-year-old singer Maddie Baez. However, amid all of the overflowing talent some of acts display, others don’t hit quite as hard. And sadly for New York City comedian Ryan Dee, aka Mr. Pants, he was one of those acts.

Somehow or another, Mr. Pants managed to move beyond the auditions stage of America’s Got Talent. He apparently wowed the judges with a set list full of pants-related jokes. However, when he returned a second time during the semi-finals, with even more underwhelming pants jokes, fans began wondering how he even made it that far in the first place.

Simon Cowell, one of America’s Got Talent‘s longest-reigning judges, is known on the reality TV show for being its most critical judge. So when Mr. Pants returned a second time, he was left entirely disappointed.

Of the second round of pants jokes, which you can view here, Cowell said, “I thought maybe if you came on the live show there would be other jokes about other things…In my opinion it started bad and actually got worse.”

America’s Got Talent fans agreed heartily.

“If I had an X,” one fan wrote on social media, “I’d be pushing it for Mr. Pants. Why did you people let him through?”

Another hopped on the pants jokes bandwagon, writing, “Mr. Pants – I must be a sweater, because I’m over it.”