‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Howie Mandel Blasts Recent Performance: ‘It Seemed Like a Parody’

by Shelby Scott

Compared to his seasoned cohort Simon Cowell, America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel is typically one of the long-running competitive TV show’s more empathetic judges. However, amid the ongoing semi-finals, the 66-year-old comic and self-proclaimed germophobe blasted one recent performance, labeling it a “parody.”

Howie Mandel’s comments came during Tuesday night’s live broadcast of America’s Got Talent, amid the J-pop group Travis Japan’s performance. According to ET Canada, the group, who hails from Tokyo, already has a huge following on social media and took to the stage with an original tune called, “Party Up Like Crazy.”

Overall, the outlet states that though the J-pop group “nailed” the choreography during their performance, America’s Got Talent‘s judges were left unimpressed by the vocals. Ultimately, their lacking vocal performance drew a buzzing red “X” from Howie Mandel mid-act.

Addressing the group after they concluded their set, Mandel began, “Listen, I’m a big boy band fan,” before moving into his critique.

“You’ve got to hit some of the notes when you’re singing the solos!” he exclaimed. “They were really off. The rapping wasn’t good.”

More critically, he continued, “It seemed like a parody. It was like a Saturday Night Live sketch. If Liza Minnelli went to Japan and put together a boy band, this is what it would look like.”

Howie Mandel’s Costars Were Left Unimpressed As Well

Howie Mandel wasn’t the only America’s Got Talent judge to unleash some harsh criticism though. Simon Cowell added, “Look, it’s quite difficult singing live. If you were to rewind this performance and turn the volume off, it would be great.”

That said, he did compliment the group, stating, “You’re great. Your personalities are fantastic. Love the choreography.”

Unfortunately for Travis Japan, however, he moved back into a harsher critique.

“The song was dreadful. Your nerves got to you. It was actually just the wrong song, full stop.”

Mandel and Cowell’s AGT costars Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara weren’t all that impressed by the boy band’s performance either. The 49-year-old German-American model agreed the vocals needed work while Vergara blatantly said the song was “a little bit bad.”

Readers can check out Travis Japan’s lukewarm America’s Got Talent performance in the clip below.

‘America’s Got Talent’s Sofia Vergara Would Give One Fan-Favorite Act ‘Another’ Golden Buzzer

While Travis Japan left America’s Got Talent‘s celebrity judges thoroughly unimpressed Tuesday night, another fan-favorite act saw high praise from judge Sofia Vergara.

Earlier this season, the Lebanese all-female dance troupe the Mayyans received one of the season’s four coveted Golden Buzzers thanks to Sofia Vergara. Following a mesmerizing audition, the group moved on to reappear in the semi-finals. And following their latest performance, which saw the group take on the semblance of a hypnotic, glittering, sensual serpent, Vergara wishes she could award the group a second Golden Buzzer.

“If I could give them another Golden Buzzer, I would,” Vergara said following their latest performance on America’s Got Talent. Though she was not able to award the fan-favorite act a second Golden Buzzer, she did join the group of 36 on stage for a massive group hug.