‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Makes Bold Early Pick for Season 17 Winner

by Tia Bailey

“America’s Got Talent” has displayed a lot of incredible talent this season. From Chapel Hart’s audition that got the group a golden buzzer to Ava Swiss, a school shooting survivor who sang her heart out, the judges have been stunned.

On July 29, “America’s Got Talent” released an audition from Aubrey Burchell, a singer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Burchell came on to sing “Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd, and left the judges and audience amazed. When she arrived onstage, the judges immediately struck up a conversation with her. She revealed that she works at Target, and on her breaks, she sneaks into the bathroom and sits on the floor to record herself singing.

“And most of all, especially as a recently diagnosed level one autistic, a very large portion of my life, I struggled. I want to show other young autistics that are suffering in silence that you can follow your passion and not fit in the box and do what you do and just eat at it,” she told the judges.

She then performed for her audition, and the crowd went wild. Her voice was powerful, and she gave a great cover of the song. She tearfully stood onstage as she received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges.

“Wow, I mean, you really have a fantastic, fantastic voice,” Heidi Klum told Burchell after the cheers died down. Klum also complimented her look (a long black floral dress, boots, and vibrant red hair).

“America’s Got Talent” Judge Gives Singer High Praise

Even Simon Cowell, a known hard-to-please judge, loved the audition. ““The fact that you made that song your version was genius, absolute genius. And it’s a great song, incredible. Was every note perfect? No, it didn’t matter because I really do believe that we are just witnessing somebody’s career about to skyrocket,” he said.

Sofia Vergara gave her a huge compliment as well, especially so early in the competition. She said, ““You look so cool. Your voice, the song that you picked, everything was perfect. I think we love you already. I think America is gonna fall in love with you — I think you have a chance to win this competition.”

Burchell spoke to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, telling them, “I wanted to get up there and say something about it, because then I can help other young girls and ‘high-functioning autistics.’ It’s worth going and finding out because autism does not look just one way. It’s very widely represented as what is seen to be the most extreme form of it. We deserve resources too and to be seen.”

Burchell’s audition was a huge success, with all four judges giving her a “yes.” We can look forward to seeing more of the talented singer in the live shows.