‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Simon Cowell Almost Caught an Axe to the Head During a ‘Very, Very Dangerous’ Audition

by Emily Morgan

There’s no doubt that Simon Cowell has seen his fair share of death-defying stunts while judging “America’s Got Talent.” However, Cowell may have bitten off more than he can chew during the episode on Tuesday.

During the show, the auditioning contestants brought the former “American Idol” judge to the stage as they launched axes that flew mere inches away from his head. Although this wasn’t the first time Cowell had been invited to stage, it may have been the most memorable.

The contestants, also brothers, began their “very, very dangerous” act by throwing knives at one another. As stunned audience members watched, the blades just barely missed them. However, it got even more intense later on.

After the blindfolded brothers threw axes at each other, they upped the ante when they hurled knives at their assistant, who stood on a spinning platform. They then threw axes at each other while one stood on the platform and the other hung upside-down by his feet.

“That was amazing,” judge Sofia Vergara said. “I was suffering, I hated it, actually,” she said. “I hated it because it was so good.” In addition, Cowell couldn’t help but be impressed. “What you do, I can only imagine how scary it is,” he said.

After Cowell made his comments, the brothers invited the judge onto the stage to see for himself. “I guess it’s safer than being on a bike,” fellow judge Howie Mandel quipped, making light of Cowell’s two e-bike crashes which resulted in broken bones. “Howie, shut up,” Cowell replied.

Simon Cowell called to the stage in ‘America’s Got Talent’ episode

As Cowell stood between the brothers, they threw axes, which were catapulted by the judge’s head. Cowell was undoubtedly relieved as he walked off with his head intact and sat back down. Unsurprisingly, the daring duo earned the approval of all four judges, who sent them to the next round.

In addition, there were also other standout acts. For instance, one 13-year-old singer named Sara James wowed the judges with her stellar cover of “lovely” by Billie Eilish.

“You have a real star glow about you,” said Cowell. He also took no time to tell her she earned the coveted Golden Buzzer. As a result, Sara James was sent directly to the live shows.

Other standout singing auditions came from 10-year-old Harper, who belted out a heavy metal song, and the NFL Player’s Choir, former pro-football players. The NFL stars took the stage with an incredible cover of Bill Withers’s “Lean on Me.”

Additionally, another remarkable act came from deaf comedian Hayden Kristal. She had the audience in stitches with her jokes about her hard-of-hearing experiences. She also earned unanimous approval from the judges and will be in the next round.

“Comedy is a language everyone understands,” she said. “Part of why I wanted to come to ‘America’s Got Talent” is watching so many other comics with disabilities come here and succeed.”