‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Simon Cowell Drops Video From Act That Could Have Gone ‘Really Bad’

by Suzanne Halliburton

America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell posted a snippet Tuesday showing just how dangerous his job can be.

Bet you only thought that the AGT judges job description just had them sit there and watch acts from around the world. Nope, sometimes a judge on America’s Got Talent needs to participate. And the act Cowell singled out was a world-record-holding whipper. His name is Jack the Whipper. Let’s just say that if Jack’s aim was a little high, Cowell’s privates might not have survived.

Cowell tweeted “This could have gone REALLY bad.” Then he tagged America’s Got Talent, which continued with its seventh round of auditions Tuesday night.

As you can see from the video, Jack, aka the guy with the whip, asked for a volunteer to step on stage to help with his final trick. Host Terry Crews volunteered Simon without knowing what the last move might entail.

In Cowell’s video, you hear Mandell say: “It was at this moment, he knew, He really fxxxed up.”

Jack Lepiarz was the talented whipper. He placed a stick between Simon’s knees. That was his bulls-eye. And then Jack walked away, turned around and whipped the stick away. Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara giggled as Simon tried not to look like he’d just escaped a painful fate.

“They were laughing so much,” Cowell said. “I nearly had my what’s-its whipped off and they were in hysterical laughter.” Come on Simon, as your fellow Brits say, it was brilliant.

America’s Got Talent Whipper Works as Radio Reporter in Boston

Jack the Whipper also conceded that the moment scared him, too. Can you imagine the viral moment if this America’s Got Talent participant missed? “I was terrified at the time, too,” Lepiarz told The Sun. He added “I wasn’t sure what would happen if I hit Simon with a whip. I have practiced it hundreds of times and I’ve had one mess-up. I was horrified at the thought of that.’   

Lepiarz has an interesting back story. Back in Boston, he anchors and reports the news for radio station WBUR. And he’s probably been a showman since birth. After all, his father was a member of the Big Apple Circus troupe. Jack ended up as a street performer, cracking his whip to entertain the tourists in Harvard Square. He now spends his weekends performing at King Richard’s Faire Renaissance Festival

He also does videos on TikTok. One of his videos went viral and caught the attention of the bookers on America’s Got Talent.

“The big trick that I did on stage I have never done that before a live audience or before any kind of audience. The first time I ever done on stage and I was very nervous.”

Jack the Whipper needed to keep his America’s Got Talent a secret until four days ago. But he finally revealed the surprise.