‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Simon Cowell Offers Contestant Mysterious ‘Opportunity’

by Craig Garrett

America’s Got Talent contestant Kristy Sellars claims that judge Simon Cowell “an opportunity” following her pole dance performance. Judge Howie Mandel praised the Mayyas’ semifinals performance on Tuesday, while contestant Sellars stated that the judges’ reactions to her pole dance routine were “amazing.”Sellars told Fox News that Cowell had spoken to her about “an opportunity” after the show, but she gave no more information.

Cowell exclaimed that the Mayyas are a world-changing performance and Mandel agreed, praising their skills. “That was my favorite moment of the night,” Mandell said on the red carpet at the Sheraton Pasadena Hotel in Pasadena, California. Mandel said the show-stopping number was the finest he’d ever seen on America’s Got Talent. “I have watched every season, every episode,” he added. “Every show there is in talent, I watch everything. I have never seen a better moment on a talent show than the Mayyas,” Mandel said.

The comedian and tv host heaped praise on the performance. “I have never seen such professionalism, such creativity, such authenticity. You are seeing 36 people come together and become one hypnotic, powerful, beautiful creature that I could have watched for the entire two hours.” Mandel went on to say the mind-blowing performance wiped his memory of the other contestants. “I don’t care if I didn’t see anything else tonight but the Mayyas. That was my favorite thing I have ever seen. And add to that, where they come from and who they are.”

The Mayyas blew away America’s Got Talent‘s judges

Mandel said that as the father of two young girls, he appreciated Mayyas’s performance and commitment to female empowerment and hoped it would be inspiring for ladies all around the world. “I believe in female empowerment and equality,” he added.

Mandel spoke with a Lebanese media organization next. “I think in your part of the world that’s even a bigger issue sometimes,” he told them. Perhaps sensing he was speaking out of turn, he elaborated on his statement. “I’m not knocking anybody’s culture, but it’s harder for them and you to do the things that you want to do and be as creative as you want to be so that added power to where my heart was just pounding” Mandel then drove home how powerful the America’s Got Talent performance was. “This is just amazing. As Simon says, this will change the world and if nothing else, it will change their world and people’s impression of your world.”

Later in the interview, Mandel quipped as he explained how he had managed to remain successful in the entertainment industry over his 45-year career. “I’m very, very good at what I do,” he joked. The Mayyas received a standing ovation from the four America’s Got Talent judges. After selecting the dance crew as her Golden Buzzer during the auditions, Sofia Vergara ran on stage to hug members of the group.