‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges Shocked By Patriotic 89-Year-Old Stripper

by Sean Griffin

America’s Got Talent aired a new episode on Tuesday, and let’s just say it was full of surprises.

On Tuesday’s episode, one contestant stood out from the other’s. Penny Starr, Sr., 89, resides in Palm Bay, Florida. When host Simon Cowell told her to tell the audience about herself, she said that she was “patriotic.” Her red, white, and blue costume definitely communicates this, as well.

Cowell then asked Starr if she was single. Starr replied, “I’m a widow now.” The audience expressed sympathy, but Starr quickly added, “but I had six husbands.”

The crowd erupts in laughter. The judges questioned her again, asking, “six?” She responded, “But they all died.”

Simon added that he was sorry to hear that they had all passed. However, he then asked, “are you looking for another one?”

Starr cheekily responded: “Yes, but it takes a while to break them in.” The crowd loved her answer, and so naturally, the comedian came out in Howie Mandel. He pressed further, asking, “what do you think of Simon?”

Starr replied, “Simon’s alright, he’s come a long way in the last couple of weeks.” Simon responded, “thank you, that’s good to hear.”

Then, after that, Starr began her act. She first threw off her American flag-themed scarf as she danced to the patriotic tune of “Grand Old Flag.” You can watch her entire performance below.

Chapel Hart: The America’s Got Talent Act Everyone’s Talking About

Chapel Hart definitely stand out from the other singers, specifically country musicians. After all, there are few Black performers in country music. The group — two sisters and their first cousin — talked about this lack of diversity within in the industry during their audition.

“Country music doesn’t always look like us,” Danica Hart, the lead singer of the group, told America’s Got Talent judges. After they finished their act, Cowell told them “you’ve just got to break down the door. And you may have just broken down the door with that performance.”

However, the group surely has what it takes to win the $1 million prize and contract to perform in Las Vegas. AGT likes to select singers. Of the sixteen previous winners, half of them sang for the winning title. Some of the winners also have been young. Bianca Ryan, the first ever America’s Got Talent champion, won the show when she was only 11.

A few weeks ago, Chapel Hart received a Golden Buzzer. This surely increases their chances of winning the talent competition.

The group talked recently about the whirlwind experience of being on the show.

“It is absolutely mind-boggling. We went from however many followers to, overnight, gaining thousands and thousands of new fans. Our social media is going crazy… It’s a little bit overwhelming but in a good way. It feels good to have that kind of support behind us.”

Danica Hart added, “Imagine wishing you had a Thunderbird for your whole life. Then, you get a Thunderbird. It’s like our dreams are coming true and it’s an amazing feeling.”