‘America’s Got Talent’: Last Season’s Winner Returns for Live Show Along With Sofia Vergara’s Former Costar

by Suzanne Halliburton

As America’s Got Talent conducted its first semifinal this week, the summer talent show brought back last year’s champion to give fans a reason to dream.

Dustin Tavella, who is both inspiring and a magician, in that order, returned to the America’s Got Talent stage Wednesday night as he took a quick break from Las Vegas. He won $1 million last summer and the headliner spot in the AGT Vegas show.

And as AGT whittled the first batch of 11 semifinalists down to two, Tavella showed the crowd he’s still inspiring with his words and mind-boggling magic tricks. AGT judge Sofia Vergara served as Tavella’s assistant for his magic act. Then Sarah Hyland joined the two on stage for a sentimental reunion. Vergara played Hyland’s sexy step grandmother on Modern Family. Hyland now hosts a dating show for Peacock.

Tavella Brought Out His Sons to America’s Got Talent Stage

So let’s get to Tavella. Last summer, he became the third magician to win America’s Got Talent. He’s also a singer and incorporates that talent into his magic show. His two young sons, Xander and Sylas, also are involved.

“This stage literally changed my life,” Tavella told the crowd. “This is so wild.” And then he explained his act, big picture.

“Some of life’s greatest magic starts with how we see things.” His main prop Wednesday night was a long bulletin board covered in white paper. He asked Hyland to pick a color. She selected red. An voila, the spray can in Tavella’s hand was red. He then sprayed M-A-G-I-C on the board.

Then he explained his message. “My more important job is to actually see the magic that already exists in my life,” he said, “to see and appreciate my wife and to watch my two little boys grow up. To be totally honest with you guys, sometimes I take for granted the magic that’s already around me.”

Tavella explained that his two sons played with popsicle sticks the night before. The two wrote words on dozens of sticks. Xander and Silas ran on stage and emptied out their baskets, dumping the sticks all over the floor. Tavella showed off a couple, then asked Vergara to pick up one of the sticks, which were face side down. He asked her not to look at it nor show it to anyone else. He requested Hyland walk on the risers behind the message board. Once she got to the top, he asked her to read the word she saw.

Hyland read “DREAM.” Then Vergara flashed her popsicle stick. Same thing. Dream. “Sometimes we just have to pay attention with what’s right in front of us,” Tavella explained.

AGT Picks Two Finalists, Including Country Singer Drake Milligan

Meanwhile, there are two contestants who still have solid dreams of winning America’s Got Talent. Country singer Drake Milligan and saxophonist Avery Dixon moved onto to the AGT finals, scheduled for Sept. 13-14.

One of them won the fan vote. The judges then selected the other. But America’s Got Talent didn’t reveal who finished first. But Milligan is riding a wave of AGT momentum. He performed “Kiss Goodbye All Night” Tuesday night in the first live round. That song soared to the top of the iTunes country chart, Wednesday. By Thursday, Milligan songs were Nos. 1 and 2 on the charts. His AGT audition song “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” ranked No. 2.