‘America’s Got Talent’: Lebanese Dance Troupe, Yo-Yo Artist Shine in Last Semifinal

by Suzanne Halliburton

So America’s Got Talent fans, who are you pushing for the last two spots for next week’s finals? The fifth semifinal was the most diverse of the summer competition. Which act stood out the most?

Maybe one final berth goes to the Mayyans, the 36 women from Lebanon who do spectacular synchronized dancing. On Tuesday, they were a massive, colorful, sensual serpent. And the judges loved it all, as did the audience, which gave them the longest and loudest ovation of the night. Sofia Vergara, who gave the dance troupe a Golden Buzzer in the audition rounds, ran onstage to participate in a group hug. “If I could give them another Golden Buzzer, I would,” Vergara said.

Then there was America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell, who tried not to be too hyperbolic.

“I don’t want to be dramatic, but this is the performance that changes the world,” Cowell proclaimed. “This is as good as it gets. This is America’s Got Talent, this is the World’s Got Talent.”

If Not the Mayyas, Maybe Blade 2 Blade Gets America’s Got Talent Berth

So if it’s not the Mayyas, who else may those voting at home choose for the finals? How about Blade 2 Blade? Or magician/rapper Mervant Vera. Or maybe dance crew Urbancrew, even comedian Jordan Conley. If the AGT crowd wants another singer, then they’ll choose someone like Aubrey Burchell, who’d sing while she clerked at Target.

All 11 acts who performed Tuesday are trying to land a spot in next week’s finals. The voting audience selects one contestant. The judges choose the other. So far, eight acts have earned final berths.

Blade 2 Blade was one of several international acts who performed Tuesday. The brothers from Spain threw knives at each other and at an assistant, who was wearing all white. They even threw the blades through flames. By the end of the act, no one was bleeding. That was a good thing. Plus, everyone could exhale.

“It’s like watching a horror movie,” Cowell said. “In terms of audience reaction, you have the biggest audience reaction tonight. … Tis is a Vegas act, no question.”

Fellow judge Howie Mandell pointed out that the show has no “danger” act like this qualified for the final.

“You bring something we need,” Mandell said. “I hope America responds and gives us what we need.”

Cowell Predicted Yo-Yo Artist Would Blow Up Internet

And how does the America’s Got Talent voting audience view Shu Takada and his yo-yo? Takada was stunning.

“You are a true world champion,” Cowell told Takada. “It’s brilliant what you do. Also very cool. This is going to be a big clip online.”

Vergara quipped: “You really know how to put on a show with your yo-yo.”

And as thrilling as Blade 2 Blade or Takada proved to be, Mervant Vera was chill and so very inspirational. Vera combines his love for rapping with magic. He held up a notebook where he writes his lyrics. He asked Klum to pick a number. She selected 49, which matched Inspire in the notebook. Then Vera asked AGT host Terry Crews to scramble all the cards. Each featured a word or phrase. Then Vera did a freestyle rap based on the order of the cards. He then flipped them over to reveal a motivational message.

Vera asked the audience to reach under their seats and pull out the cards underneath the chairs. All read Inspire.

Klum described Vera as a “genius.” Vergara told him “you make magic so cool. I do love the new mixture.

Wednesday’s America’s Got Talent results show will reveal the two finalists. Plus, there will be an instant save vote to decide the 11th berth. The candidates are the judges’ favorites who didn’t make the top two in each of the semifinal rounds.

The winner earns $1 million and will be the headline act in the America’s Got Talent show in Las Vegas.