‘America’s Got Talent’: NFL Stars to Take the Stage in Upcoming Episode

by Alex Falls

The NFL Players Choir is set to take the stage for Tuesday’s new episode of America’s Got Talent. The choir of professional football players get their first chance to display their singing talents to a wide audience.

Isaiah McKenzie, wide receiver for the Bills, is a member of the team going on stage to face Simon Cowell and the other judges of AGT. He’s loved singing in private for years, but McKenzie never imagined himself being a part of something like the NFL choir.

“[They] told me I was handpicked, and [I] didn’t know how – I didn’t know what to think,” McKenzie said in an interview with Buffalo News. “I’m not really handpicked for a lot of things – me, ‘cause I’m small, and everything like that. Who would have thought I’d be handpicked to sing in a choir? It was pretty cool.”

Along with McKenzie, Bryan Scott, Michael Gaines and Dwayne Wright, who all spent time with the Bills, are part of the group selected for the performance. They’ll be performing the country music classic, “Lean on Me”.

“It was a great song, it went well for the type of sport we play,” McKenzie said. “It went well with what we do in life or we do in our careers. Current and former players just helping one another out.”

Life is More Than Football for Isiah McKenzie

McKenzie does a lot more than sing and play football. He’s also a restaurant owner, an avid dancer, and even the owner of a race car. His confidence is always fully on display. In his interview with Buffalo News, he proudly proclaimed himself as “the most interesting man in the world,” and “the face of the franchise.” But he still views his Bills teammates as his toughest critics.

“I feel like they’re a tough crowd,” said McKenzie. “I say I got bubble guts because of them more than seeing myself on TV. Because I know how they’re gonna get at me when they see it. It’s gonna be jokingly, but they’re gonna get at me. And I just got to sit there and laugh it off or whatever, but I’m cool with it.”

No matter the challenge, McKenzie loves finding the next opportunity to get better at something. He credits his comfort with the Buffalo Bills as a chance to take center stage elsewhere. He gets to find a voice both on the team, and as an individual.

“Whether it’s football or non-football related, I want to be myself wherever I am. That’s the most important thing to me.” Smith continued by saying, “I think just letting people see there is, one, a softer side of things. But two, it’s never too late to kind of chase your dreams and your goals and pursue something that you’re passionate about. That really is at its core.”