‘America’s Got Talent’: One Performer Delivered a ‘Modern Family’ Tribute for Sofia Vergara

by Emily Morgan

During the recent episode of “America’s Got Talent,” judge Sofia Vergara got a special “Modern Family” tribute from a group of aspiring contestants.

During the episode, the a cappella group, Maytree, auditioned with a nod to the hit show, currently available to stream with a Hulu subscription. The show ultimately made Sofia Vergara a household name.

As viewers saw, the group’s founder, Jang Sang-in, wanted to get revenge on former group members during the audition.

The five-member singing group came to the AGT stage from South Korea, and Jang Sang-in had an eyebrow-raising response when Simon Cowell asked whose idea it was to form the group. Then, with help from an interpreter, the aspiring singer said:

“Well, I created this group because I was in another group before, which I created, but I was kicked out. They told me I was a bad singer. This completes my revenge.”

The singer grinned when he revealed that auditioning would help him get revenge on the group that kicked him out.

‘America’s Got Talent’ performer gets their ‘revenge’ during audition

Later, things continued to get more interesting when their act included an homage to Vergara’s “Modern Family,” as well as other iconic shows such as “The Simpsons” and “Cheers.”

Cowell and Heidi Klum flashed a smile at Vergara as soon as Maytree switched from “The Simpsons” to “Modern Family,” and Vergara couldn’t keep her delight hidden as she danced in her seat.

In addition, the group also brought some lyrics into the performance once they got to the “Cheers” segment, proving they could deliver singing and sound effects.

During their performance, the crowd went wild, and the judges’ reaction was priceless. When the judges commended them during their commentary following the audition, it’s safe to say Jang Sang-in got his revenge.

While Vergara’s “Modern Family” tribute was undeniably fun, it also makes us wonder about Terry Crews’ TV show.

Crews starred in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which you can now stream with a Peacock subscription. However, Maytree didn’t include a rendition of that song in their audition.

However, the group did have something up their sleeve for Crews after they finished their audition. Check it out below.

In addition, longtime judge Howie Mandel was missing from the show, but he’ll likely get to see them perform again as the group received a “yes” vote from the three other judges.

So far this season, we’ve seen some solid musical auditions. In fact, four of the five golden buzzer winners are musical.

However, the auditions for Season 17 are far from over. You can keep up with all the AGT action on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC to see which acts will get a chance at that $1 million prize money and Las Vegas stage act.