‘America’s Got Talent’: Here’s the Powerful, Emotional Reason Sofia Vergara Was Moved To Tears By One Audition

by Chris Piner

Simon Cowell is known for discovering top talents like Little Mix, One Direction, and Leona Lewis. Using his creative talents to do more than music, he also brought America’s Got Talent to life. Not to mention, he judges the show as well. Becoming a hit show, the series has accumulated 17 seasons that spanned over 16 years. While having many memorable moments and plenty of golden buzzers, on July 12, the judges, especially Sofia Vergara, were moved to tears as Wyn Starks performed Who Am I, which is an original song dedicated to his late brother. 

It’s a known rule that singing an original song can be a bold move for singers trying to break into the industry. But for Wyn Starks, it wasn’t about making it to the next round, or even the competition, he only wanted to honor his brother. And Sofia Vergara sensed that.  

Coming from Minneapolis, Wyn Starks described what the song means to him and his family. “It talks about my journey and becoming Wyn Starks. It was one of my brother’s favorite songs, and I’m a twin. Recently, actually, I lost my twin brother. It’s been really hard, and he was one of my biggest supporters, so to be here means everything to me. I’m doing this for him. I just wanna do this and honor him.”

Wyn Starks Moves Judge Sofía Vergara To Tears

Still getting to know the singer, the judges were moved by his honesty and power behind the microphone. For Judge Sofia Vergara, she knew the exact emotion Starks’ was feeling at that moment. She said, “That was amazing. I’m so sorry for your loss, I know what that means. I lost my brother, too, and I cannot even imagine what it is to lose a twin because that bond has to be something unexplainable. I love all the feeling that you gave to your song.” Vergara added, “I love your song—and I love that it was your song.”

With the judges moved, it was not surprising that Wyn Starks received three “Yes” votes from the judges, allowing him to move on in the competition. 

Simon Cowell spoke about Wyn Starks, saying, “We say every year that we meet the most incredible people on this show, and now we’ve met you. I think it was the perfect tribute to your brother, genuinely.” 

Vergara Opened Up About Losing Her Older Brother

Back in 2011, Sofia Vergara opened up about the tragic death of her older brother, Rafael. According to the actress, her brother was shot during a kidnapping attempt in 1998. Already living in America, Vergara admitted to moving most of her family to the United States. Her father stayed in Colombia until his death from a brain aneurysm. Recalling how her mother handled her brother’s death, she explained, “Mother was like a zombie. I wanted to be with them. So I got a big house and we all lived together. I am so grateful to be in this country.”