‘America’s Got Talent’ Reveals Two More Finalists After Fourth Semifinal

by Suzanne Halliburton

America’s Got Talent selected two more finalists, Wednesday, giving the championship its first comedian and a group that excels at deep fakes.

Metaphysic, which turned two AGT judges along with host Terry Crews into opera stars, won the night. Comedian Mike E Winfield earned the second spot, leaving three finalist slots yet to fill. Two of them will be selected during next week’s final America’s Got Talent semifinal. Then the judges will pick one wildcard from the acts who made the top five during the weekly semifinals, but not the top two.

So why Metaphysic? The group that uses artificial intelligence for entertainment purposes did a brilliant act imagining Simon Cowell, Howie Mandell and show host Terry Crews as a couple of tenors and a sopranist. We’ll explain, Metaphysic used three talented opera singers. The trio came on stage for the performance, with Metaphysic parking a camera in front of each one. Then on the large screen behind the stage, the three became Cowell, Mandell and Crews, complete with facial expressions.

The three took turns singing from the final aria of Puccini’s Turando. When done well, “Nessun Dorma” is magic to the ears. It was a signature song for both Luciano Pavarotti or Andrea Bocelli. Metaphysic allowed Cowell, Mandell and Crews to become brilliant singers.

And now, why Mike E. Winfield? Mandel was so impressed with the comedian that he asked Winfield to perform with him on stage next month. The invitation came Tuesday night, 24 hours before Mandel knew Winfield would be a finalist. Mandel is on stage in New York on Sept. 9. Now that Winfield is a finalist, he may need to turn down Mandel’s invite. After all, the America’s Got Talent championship is Sept. 13-14.

“I think he’s unique. I think he’s a star in himself,” Mandel told reporters Tuesday after the America’s Got Talent semifinal.

The comedian added: “I love everything he’s talking about. I like the way he dresses and his glasses and the way he looks. I liked everything about him. (And) I think the kid is a star. I thought that was the best performance of the night.”

Out of the 55 acts selected for the five weeks of AGT semifinals, only six were comedians.

Lily Meola finished third in this week’s semifinal. She sang an original song, “Butterfly,” for Tuesday’s performance. Heidi Klum cheered hard for Meola, considering she earned Heidi’s Golden Buzzer during the auditions.

No matter what happens next week, the America’s Got Talent finals will be heavy on singers. There are three so far, with a fourth being Metaphysic (somebody sings). Two of them are rising country acts Drake Milligan and Chapel Hart. Sara James, a 14-year-old pop singer from Poland, earned a final spot last week. The finals also have a pair of magicians with South Korea’s Yo Hojin and France’s Nicholas Ribs. Musician Avery Dixon, who plays the saxophone, also is a finalist.

But Metaphysic definitely is the act that got AGT fans all abuzz. The AI group is planning a big surprise for the championship, while hinting that Klum and judge Sofia Vergara will get the deep fake singing treatment.

Metaphysic co-creator Tom Graham dropped another hint Tuesday as he talked to reporters. They’re going to do a deep fake of “one of the greatest rock and roll icons of all time.”

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