‘America’s Got Talent’ Reveals Which Acts Get Last 3 Final Spots

by Suzanne Halliburton

America’s Got Talent now has its lineup for next week’s championship. And Wednesday night’s results show had a decided female and international outcome.

The Mayyas, a dance troupe from Lebanon, earned the first final spot, Wednesday. Then Kristy Sellars, a G-rated pole dancer from Australia, received the second spot.

And in a special America’s Got Talent twist, each judge selected a wildcard from the five semifinals who missed out on the top two of their rounds. The show allowed a five-minute, instant vote from its national audience. Ventriloquist Celia Munoz won the vote and the 11th and final spot. The AGT championship for the 17th season is set for next Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Wednesday results show immediately cut the field from 11 to five. That knocked out Travis Japan, the boy band from Japan with very social media savvy fans. AGT judge Howie Mandell likened the group’s performance to a Saturday Night Live skit and watched as his name started trending on Twitter.

AGT Championship Won’t Have a Danger Act

Blade 2 Blade, two brothers from Spain, also got knocked out early. Mandell had hoped these two knife throwers could make it to the finals, which had no danger acts. Comedian Jordan Conley, who was the wildcard pick from the audition rounds, also didn’t make it to the top five. Judge Simon Cowell said Tuesday’s fifth semifinal was so tough that it was similar to a normal final.

The show dropped Mervant Vera, who combined his love of rap with his magic skills, in the cut from three to two.

The Mayyas probably were the obvious selection for the America’s Got Talent audience. Cowell said Tuesday that their performance would change the world. The synchronized dancers dressed as snakes and wore beaded burqas as they twirled in unison to classic Arab music. Sofia Vergara gave the women her Golden Buzzer selection in the audition round. Vergara continued to champion them.

Cowell Thought Pole Dancer Would Make America’s Got Talent Final

And Cowell cheered on Sellars, the mother of three who had an unusual talent. She dances and does gymnastics on a pole. And she also uses light installations to make her performances pop even more. Her selection might’ve been a surprise, but Cowell wasn’t shocked.

“This was unbelievable,” he said Tuesday. “One of the most astonishingly brilliant, creative acts we’ve seen on the live show.”

America’s Got Talent Finalists

Drake Milligan, country singer

Avery Dixon, saxophonist

Mike E Winfield, comedian

Metaphysic, AI performers

Chapel Hart, country singers

Sara James, singer

Nicolas Ribs, magician

Yo Hojin, magician

The Mayyas, dancers

Kristy Sellars, pole dancer

Celia Munoz, ventriloquist

Vergara also championed Munoz, the charming ventriloquist who used a medley of Olivia Newton-John songs in her semifinal performance. Each judge nominated one performer as a wild card entry.

Cowell nominated The Players Choir. They’re a gospel group of current and former NFL players. Heidi Klum selected Lily Meola, who also was her Golden Buzzer choice from the auditions. And Mandel picked comedian Don McMillan, the engineer who uses nerdy humor and factoids in his presentations.

At the end of the America’s Got Talent hour, host Terry Crews called Munoz to tell her the good news.