‘America’s Got Talent’: See The Best Performances From the 2nd Night of Live Rounds

by Joe Rutland

The acts and performances were getting hot and heavy as the second night of live rounds happened on America’s Got Talent. Even the judges appeared to have been taken aback by what they saw. From singing to dancing and all things beyond it, these acts set the night on fire Tuesday night on NBC.

The Pack Drumline, who comes from Chicago, stunned those judges by performing the Masked Wolf song Astronaut in the Ocean. Both audience members and the four judges on the show gave them a standing ovation.

The Brown Brothers showed off an incredible array of impressions during their act on Tuesday night. Among the ones that Gabriel and Nate Brown did include Bon Jovi, Mickey Mouse, and The Voice coach Blake Shelton. They did this while singing in harmony around a cover version of A Million Dreams.

‘America’s Got Talent‘ Heats Up With Different Acts

Fusion Japan is put together under the guidance of a breakdancing group and a jazz dance group. When you see them perform, it provided the America’s Got Talent audience with some eye-catching work. These reportedly are two “rival” dance crews that would come together to form Fusian Japan, ET Online reported.

Upon seeing this act, Heidi Klum was left with a feeling of awe. “I am totally on sensory overload, there’s so much going on, but yet it’s so perfect at the same time, even though there’s so much going on,” Klum said.

Freckled Zelda performed Never Ending Story by Limahl for the audience. She reportedly provided some magic and levity for the show, which is a good thing on a show like this one. She did not shirk around when using her voice. “I have to tell you my daughter and one of her best friends are here today and it’s not because of me or any of the acts tonight, but because of you,” Klum said. 

Duo Rings did their best to pour in some danger and a level of sensuality in their Tuesday night performance. Well, they did so well that the judges had a little trouble putting their words together. Oh, they did get some comments out, of course. Yet the performance did prove to be outstanding.

Wyn Starks is one of those performers that you’ll never forget about after this America’s Got Talent competition. He would talk about his twin brother’s death, then sing one of that man’s favorite songs. An emotional connection both as a singer and from a personal standpoint can make an act stand out. This is the case for Wyn Starks indeed. He would sing In The Stars by Benson Boone.