‘America’s Got Talent’ Sensation Chapel Hart Nearly Didn’t Audition for the Show

by Megan Molseed

The latest America’s Got Talent singing sensation Chapel Hart may be a fan favorite on the hit competition TV series this season. However, the group’s members have recently revealed that they very nearly chose not to audition for the hit reality show.

Chapel Hart Almost Didn’t Go For A Spot On The Hit TV Series

The popular music sensation is a trio of singers consisting of family members Trea Swindle, and sisters Danica and Devynn Hart. Swindle is the cousin of the Hart sisters. Together they have formed the latest America’s Got Talent (AGT) sensation Chapel Hart.

When the trio appeared on the stage of the popular program last month to perform their own edition of the Dolly Parton hit You Can Have Him Jolene AGT fans – the show’s judges – had no idea the treat they were in for. The stunning performance by Chapel Hart earned the group the coveted Golden Buzzer. But, the trio says, this moment almost never came to be.

“We had no idea what we were really walking into,” Devynn Hart says of the group’s road to the popular competition series. “It’s a super long process.”

“I think the craziest part is we almost didn’t audition at all,” Danica adds in the recent interview with Taste Of Country. It actually took an ill-timed case of COVID-19 and a persistent producer to convince the trio to take the brave leap onto America’s Got Talent stage.

“We were actually scheduled to go on tour with the Indigo Girls,” Swindle relates. However, one of the bandmembers got sick with COVID, the singer adds. This is when a scout for the program, Lindsay Rush reached out to the band, something the scout had done a few times before.

Persistence Kept Chapel Hill On Their Toes As Roads Began To Lead To America’s Got Talent

Overall, the members of Chapel Hill say, it was persistence that led them to the AGT stage. “She was like, ‘I listened to your music,” Swindle says of Rush. Swindle goes on to say that Rush’s message was an inspiring one telling them “‘I love you ladies. The world needs to hear your message. The world needs to see you.'”

And, the scout was not wrong in the slightest. It wasn’t long before the trio stood in front of the AGT judge panel featuring Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum. And, Chapel Hill was no doubt there to impress. All four of the judges loved the group. Cowell even stepped backstage to tell the trio how much he enjoyed their performance.