‘America’s Got Talent’: Siegfried and Joy Try To Impress Simon Cowell in New Sneak Peek

by Megan Molseed

America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell was impressed by some hilarious sleight of hand – and some fruit -recently on the popular Fox TV series. In a recent video clip, the magical comedy duo, Siegfried and Joy try hard to impress the sometimes unimpressible judge. And, it seems they may have hit their goal, judging by Cowell’s reaction in the clip!

Simon Cowell Is Wowed By Hilarious Fruit-Focused Magic Act In A Hilarious America’s Got Talent Clip

In a clip giving fans of the popular reality TV series a glimpse into the June 28 installment, we can see judge Simon Cowell is not immediately impressed by the act of Siegfried and Joy. However, they may have redeemed themselves well with a last-minute sleight of hand.

The hilarious act starts with two German magicians, Siegfried and Joy taking the stage. As the clip begins, America’s Got Talent judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel are introduced to a “prediction tunnel.”

Inside, the judges are told, is a mystery fruit. However, no one knows what this mystery fruit is. In fact, Joy tells the judges “you will decide” what fruit will be revealed in the prediction tunnel. But, as Joy is talking with the judges, we see Siegfried crawling towards this “prediction tunnel”. Dressed in a banana costume, Siegfried crawls inside the tunnel. The audience is cracking up as Seigfried is slightly struggling in these efforts along the way. Joy then enlists Cowell to help with the next part of the act.

Simon Cowell’s Selection Leads To The Fruity Punchline Of The Hilarious Act

Joy presents Cowell with five cards from which he can choose one. According to Joy, each card depicts a picture of a fruit. Cowell quickly selects card number one. Then, Joy turns towards the prediction tunnel which now…very barely…conceals Siegfried. As Joy turns to his partner, the back of the audience catches a glimpse of the back of the other four cards. Each one of these cards read “banana”.

The audience…and the other America’s Got Talent judges are cracking up at this point. However, Simon Cowell doesn’t look particularly amused. Then, Joy reveals the word written on the back of Cowell’s card. This one gives the act a twist as it reads “strawberry.” Joy, however, doesn’t seem to be fazed as he announces to the audience “Simon says banana!”

Simon Says…Siegfried And Joy Crack The Audience Up With Fruitful AGT Act

At this point, Cowell sits with his head in his hands. Although…a slight smile can be detected on the judge’s face.

“It doesn’t say banana,” Cowell points out. Joy looks shocked…and slightly confused as he puts the card down and turns to his partner who is still hiding inside the tube. Then, he reveals Seigfreid, releasing him from the “prediction tube.”

However, fans are shocked when they see Siegfried. While he was wearing a banana suit when he snuck into the prediction tube, he pulled a fast one while in there. Now, he stands in front of the AGT judges and audiences dressed as…you guessed it…a strawberry!