‘America’s Got Talent’: Simon Cowell Left Shocked by This ‘Fantastically Creepy’ Performance

by Shelby Scott

We’ve seen some captivating performances, ranging between magic, music, and more, during America’s Got Talent‘s 17th season so far. However, during the show’s fifth round of auditions on Tuesday, one massively unique choir group left judge Simon Cowell utterly shocked by what he deemed a “fantastically creepy” performance. Check out the clip below.

Known as The Dremeka Choir, which, as per the group’s choral director means ‘dream machine,'” the group appeared polite and mild-mannered, at least according to USA Today. However, they quickly launched into a performance that shocked viewers and judges alike.

After introducing himself and the group, the choir director departed the main stage. However, after judge Simon Cowell admitted to costar Sofia Vergara his love for choirs, he experienced something unexpected. Suddenly, America’s Got Talent fans witnessed a hair-raising metal performance of “O Fortuna.”

From there, they transitioned into one of the most unique renditions of Britney Spears’s “Toxic” the world has ever seen. Of the four judges, Simon Cowell offered the highest praise while Heidi Klum awarded the group a rest “X” mid-performance.

Aftetrward, Cowell said, “It’s like demons in a choir singing the song from ‘The Omen.’ It was so fantastically creepy.”

Despite Klum’s dislike, three yeses from America’s Got Talent‘s remaining judges sent the choir group onto the next round.

Singer-Songwriter Wins ‘America’s Got Talent’s Last Golden Buzzer of the Season

In a stark contrast from The Dremaka Choir’s raging metal performance, Tuesday night also saw America’s Got Talent‘s judges award 27-year-old singer-songwriter Lily Meola the final golden buzzer of the season. And while her performance was as honey-sweet as it was full of sheer vocal power, it’s the origin story behind her original piece that helped capture the judges’ hearts. See the emotional performance below.

The America’s Got Talent contestant launched into a magnetizing performance of “Daydream,” a song she had written herself. Beforehand though, she shared a tragic story, detailing the events of her life that led her to the show’s stage.

To summarize, she shared how she wrote the song at a time in her life when everything was nearly perfect. She was making music, had scored a record deal, and had even been successful in hatching butterflies. However, in the blink of an eye, that beauty disappeared, detailing how her mother became stricken with cancer and how she had to halt her career in music to become her full-time caretaker.

Despite breaking into tears ahead of her performance, Meola gathered herself and delivered a beautiful piece. Afterward, America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum told the singer, “Everything about you, you just light up…Immediately, I fell in love with you.” After sharing her review with the crowd, Klum proudly awarded the singer the final golden buzzer.