‘America’s Got Talent’: Simon Cowell Reveals the Secret To Being a Good Judge, Jokes He Has ‘No Talent’

by Suzanne Halliburton

America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell knows his limitations. And that’s why he thinks he’s a brilliant judge.

“My talent is knowing I have no talent…that’s why I sit where I do,” Cowell joked during an interview with Fox News Digital earlier this week.

As Cowell surmised, he’s like the people’s conduit when we’re all watching America’s Got Talent, the summer reality show that’s now in its 17th season.

“I hopefully say what people at home are thinking,” Cowell added. “Not all the time. Some of the time,”

We’re thinking most of the country probably isn’t as grumpy as Cowell. That’s his schtick, although he’s mellowed in the past decade. We first encountered Cowell when he was a judge who cut through the niceties and clutter on American Idol. Fans flipped on the show, in part, to hear what Cowell would say.

He has been in the entertainment business most of his life. But he’s not the performer. He’s the person who discovered talent, then placed said talent in the best position to succeed. And then he made a fortune after creating talent shows. Cowell always is a judge and a producer. He created the X Factor show, with franchises around the world. And he’s also responsible for the Got Talent reality show. America’s Got Talent isn’t just for an American audience. It’s gone international.

So basically, Cowell lives by tweaking the adage written by George Bernard Shaw, “those who can, do (and) those who can’t, teach.” In this case, Cowell judges.

Meanwhile, one act on America’s Got Talent has offered a glimpse of a singing Simon Cowell. You can thank Metaphysic for that. The international group uses sophisticated Artificial Intelligence to create deep fakes.

Normally, you wouldn’t think deep fakes and talent shows are simpatico. But the group proved in the audition, then in Tuesday’s fourth semifinal, that it could thrill an audience. They did it by showing that Cowell could be a brilliant singer with a bunch of help.

In the audition, Metaphysic had Cowell since the Chicago love ballad “You’re My Inspiration.” Then on Tuesday, thanks to AI, we saw Cowell, Howie Mandel and Terry Crews turn into opera stars as they sang an aria from Puccinii’s Turando. More specifically, it was “Nessun Dorma” from the opera’s final act. When Luciano Pavarotti or Andrea Bocelli performed Nessun Dorma, it sounded like a celestial experience.

Then on Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent, Metaphysic turned Cowell, Crews and Mandell into the Three Tenors, maybe Il Divo. They did it by bringing out three very real and brilliant singers. There were cameras in front of each of the three men. A big screen behind the stage translated the images into Cowell, Crews and Mandell.

So see, in a deep fake world combined with America’s Got Talent, Cowell can do more than judge.