‘America’s Got Talent’ Star Says She’ll Never Do a Cover After Criticism From Judges

by Shelby Scott

There are still more than 20 contestants left waiting to see whether or not they’ve made it to the season 17 finale of America’s Got Talent. Nevertheless, the show’s final episode is still rapidly approaching. This year’s installment of America’s Got Talent has introduced us to a multitude of immensely talented singers. Shining stars include country music acts Drake Milligan and Chapel Hart. Meanwhile, though, other stars, including 17-year-old singer Mia Morris, have also made a name for themselves. Now, ahead of the AGT season finale, Morris revealed why she’s vowed to only perform original songs.

According to CinemaBlend, Morris first caught the America’s Got Talent judges’ attention with an original song during her audition. On August 23rd, she returned for her second performance, again with another original. But this time, it didn’t have the same effect it had on the judges as it did during her first audition.

Overall, the reality TV show’s judges didn’t have anything entirely negative to say about the performance. Based on the outlet’s description, they simply had stronger critiques about her song and her choice to perform an original. Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara had mostly supportive comments for the young singer. Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel, on the other hand, had more of a mix of remarks.

Cowell, in speaking about the America’s Got Talent contestant’s latest performance, said he “didn’t love the song.” He also claimed she was a bit “out of tune” though he complimented her decision to break outside the world of covers and perform an original nonetheless. Mandel, on the other hand, said she may have gone with a cover as a safer option.

All in all, then, the AGT judges didn’t entirely blast her. Still, their remarks saw Morris speak about her decision to perform only originals.

Mia Morris ‘Happy’ To Have Performed Original for America’s Got Talent Qualifiers

After she received her feedback from America’s Got Talent‘s judges following her second performance, Mia Morris shared why she would never want to perform a cover.

“That is what I want to do with my life, is play originals for people,” the America’s Got Talent contestant said, “and make a living doing that. So yeah, I wouldn’t want to play a cover ever.”

That said, at just 17 years old, she’s also pretty accustomed to positive, negative, and neutral feedback. In coming onto the show, Morris revealed that she’s been uploading videos of herself singing and performing since she was as young as 10.

“I’ve been posting YouTube videos since I was 10, 11,” the young contestant said. “So I’ve been getting the hate comments forever. The thing I can totally understand [is] why facing these judges and getting feedback from them can be intimidating, because they’re judges.”

But, as she points out, the resilient singer also reminded AGT fans that at heart, they’re just human too.

“We’re all just humans, and everyone has their own opinion. So if you’re content with your performance and who you are, you shouldn’t let anyone else affect that view on yourself.”

Be sure to keep tuning in to NBC as America’s Got Talent slowly winds down its 17th season.