‘America’s Got Talent’: This Contestant Nailed Impression of Simon Cowell

by Tia Bailey

Simon Cowell is an iconic figure in the talent industry. He has judged many talent shows, and been behind performers such as boyband One Direction and girlband Fifth Harmony. Even though he is tough on contestants, sometimes they have a little fun right back at him. This America’s Got Talent contestant gave a great impression of him during this season’s live shows.

This season of America’s Got Talent has been packed with insane talent. The season is currently going through the live shows, and one act gave a hilarious impression of Cowell — with a twist. Ventriloquist Jack Williams had made it to the live shows following his audition where he gave a hilarious performance with his puppet.

This time around, he did the same, but brought it up a notch. He brought out a new puppet, Dale. They said they were going to do some fan-submitted ventriloquist challenges. However, his puppet from the auditions, Foster, sat on the side of the stage, and he launched into a hilarious act. He still attempted to do the fan-submitted challenges, but Foster and Dale kept interrupting him.

He put Dale away, and Foster began to make fun of Williams. Foster then “takes away his voice,” and begins to do impressions. The puppet says, “How about like Simon?” Williams then says, “This is absolutely dreadful” in a spot-on Simon Cowell impression. The audience and judges loved it, including Cowell himself.

He then does a Barack Obama impression, also spot-on. His performance ends with Foster the puppet saying: “But this is my favorite voice of yours — silence.” Williams then bowed with Foster, and the audience went wild.

Ventriloquist Makes Fans Laugh with Simon Cowell Impression

After the performance, Cowell said: “Jack, I liked your audition, I didn’t love it. Tonight I think you got better than your audition, genuinely. I think it was really clever. I think the way you staged everything it was funny. People love this kind of act. I think for me this has been the best act by a mile tonight.”

Although the fans and judges seemed to enjoy the act while it was happening, Williams still received some constructive criticism along with praise. Judge Howie Mandel said that while he seems “slick” in front of an audience, the performance wasn’t as original as he would have liked it to be.

Sofia Vergara said that she loved it, and Heidi Klum was glad that Williams had added two more voices into the mix, as it was hard to differentiate when the puppet was talking versus when Williams was talking.

The judges announce tonight who from last night’s show is going on to the finals. Catch the announcement tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.