‘America’s Got Talent’: These Are The Top 5 Performances From Tuesday’s Premiere

by Shelby Scott

The 17th season of “America’s Got Talent” kicked off with a round of captivating, unique, and cringe-worthy performances. Now, following Tuesday night’s premiere, we have the full list of the evening’s Top 5 performances.

First, the 21-year-old spirited saxophone player, Avery Dixon, scored the Top 5’s top spot as the No. 1 performance. Dixon received “America’s Got Talent’s” first Golden Buzzer of the season, sharing an emotional story with the show’s panel of judges. Before his act, he detailed his childhood struggle against bullying, revealing many of the kids he went to elementary school with gave him harsh nicknames. The cruelty later drove him to consider committing suicide. Instead, he turned to the saxophone.

After putting on a thrilling performance that brought the audience to its feet, Terry Crews rushed to the stage to award the young man the Golden Buzzer just as Simon Cowell began voting.

We look forward to seeing what Avery Dixon has in store for “America’s Got Talent’s” live shows.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Fans Flip the Judges’ Votes For ‘The Parmesan Song’

In a much less emotional performance, “America’s Got Talent” contestant Ben Lapidus took to the stage singing “The Parmesan Song,” which was an original piece. The comical tribute to the contestant’s love of Italian cheese was quickly met with four red X’s from the show’s judges.

However, in a surprising turn of events, the crowd, who began singing along with Lapidus, got the judges to retract their rejection. Even more surprising, Simon Cowell, who typically has no patience for the ridiculous, became the first to take away his red X. He was immediately followed by Heidi Klum.

Eventually, after more than a little peer pressure, Sofía Vergara also retracted her X, sending the cheese-loving singer on to the next round.

Musicians, Magicians, and a Ventriloquist, Oh My

“The Parmesan Song” might just be the most ridiculous act, making it one of the most memorable, of the night. However, there were three other performers that blew “America’s Got Talent’s” judges away.

In third came Mervant Vera, a 33-year-old magician, mentalist, and hip-hop songwriter. And while “America’s Got Talent” has seen plenty of magicians before, we’ve never quite seen one like this. Vera took to the stage Tuesday night, combining all three of his unique talents for an even more unique performance. Newsweek reports the performer glided past his audition with four yeses taking him to the next round.

The fourth top performer of the night was Lee Collinson. Collinson shared that he’s an English singer by choice and a fence constructionist by trade. Collinson’s performance was almost as emotional as Dixon’s; he dedicated his rendition of Dermot Kennedy’s “Better Days” to a friend who passed away due to COVID-19. Of the performer, Cowell said, “there’s something really charming and humble and likable about you. And you probably don’t even know how good you are.”

The fifth top performer of the night was Celia Munoz. Munoz, a Spanish ventriloquist, completed her act without a single puppet. Instead, the outlet states the AGT contestant sang “Once Upon a Time” from the musical “Brooklyn” all while drinking water, talking on the phone, and showing the audience how she prepares for every performance.