‘America’s Got Talent’: Watch the Incredible Act That Earned Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer

by Alex Falls

America’s Got Talent returned to our TV screens recently. The third round of auditions for season 17 has people talking about one major highlight. The Mayyas, the all-Arab female dance crew pulled off one of the most memorable performances in the show’s history.

The group was formed in Lebanon by choreographer Nadim Cherfan. AGT cameras were rolling before their performance. Cherfan and his team of dancers got the chance to explain why they came to the U.S. to try and pursue their dreams on the hit show.

“Lebanon is not considered a place where you can build a career out of dancing, so it’s really hard, and harder for women,” Nadim said as reported by ET Online. One of the talented dancers added, “Lebanon is a very beautiful country. But we live a daily struggle. Unfortunately, being a dancer as a female Arab… Is not fully supported yet.”

Cherfan also elaborated that he himself grew up watching America’s Got Talent. He was especially inspired by Nightbirde — the late songstress and former AGT Golden Buzzer recipient who battled late-stage cancer when she memorably auditioned for the show in 2021. As big a fan of Nightbirde as he is, Cherfan called The Mayya’s performance on AGT “the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever felt.”

Making AGT History

The dancers hit the stage and took a chance to explain the meaning behind their name: “The proud walk of the lioness.” They promised to hypnotize the judges. Their jaw-dropping display delivered on that promise and the judges were immediately enamored.

“There are no words to explain to you what we were feeling over here,” Sofia Vergara marveled after the audition. “It was the most beautiful, creative dancing I’ve ever seen.” Heidi Klum added, “I want to thank you for giving us a little glimpse of your culture, which is so beautiful. It was just stunning, and I love all of you. I really do.”

The usually tight-lipped Simon Cowell also expressed his amazement after the stunning performance. “This really, really will make a difference, in so many positive ways. And then it was arguably the best dance act we’re likely to have ever seen,” he added. “And we are honored to have you here.”

Vergara was clearly moved by the performance like the entire audience. “It’s time for us to vote, but I want to say something first,” Sofia said during the judgment. “I would be so honored to empower you even more in this journey because you deserve it. And I want to be part of this!”

She then dropped the biggest piece of praise of all. With a broad smile on her face, she slammed the Golden Buzzer and showered The Mayyas in celebratory confetti and the dancers all broke into tears of joy. The group now moves on to the live rounds in Hollywood to compete against the other acts who make it through the judge cuts.