‘America’s Got Talent’: Which Acts Will Earn Last Two Final Spots?

by Suzanne Halliburton

America’s Got Talent showcases its last set of semifinalists tonight. And chances are, you’ll be entranced by a foreign dance troupe whose name means “walk of a lioness.”

But will The Mayyas hypnotize the judges and those watching America’s Got Talent from home? That’s what they wanted to do at the auditions, back when judge Simon Cowell described them as the best dance act “we’ve likely to have ever seen.”

Or will the audience love some of the other acts. There are three other dance acts performing tonight — Kristy Sellars, Max Ostler and urbancrew (Flyers of the South). They’ll dance and do acrobatics.

Tonight’s America’s Got Talent semifinal certainly is diverse. You’ve got Blade 2 Blade. The name gives it away. It’s a knife cat. Mervant Vera raps and does magic. Shu Takada performs with a yo-yo. Then there’s Jordan Conley, who was the 55th pick of the semifinals. He earned a special wild card pick from the judges.

And there also will be singers. There’s 21-year-old Aubrey Burchell and 19-year-old Kristen Cruz. And watch for Travis Japan. They’re a boy band from Japan.

The America’s Got Talent social media team shared a mashup of the acts earlier today.

Everyone tonight is aiming for the America’s Got Talent finals, which are next Tuesday and Wednesday night. So far, eight acts have qualified in the four previous semifinals. Two will make it from tonight (as revealed in Wednesday’s show). And there will be an 11th who is selected from an immediate vote of the national audience. Judges have picked three wildcard options so far. They are singer Maddie Baez, who got the Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel, and ventriloquist Celia Munoz. Singer Lily Meola, who earned a Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum, also still is alive for the wildcard finals spot.

Already Selected: America’s Got Talent Finalists

Drake Milligan, country singer

Avery Dixon, saxophonist

Chapel Hart, country group

Yu Hojin, magician

Sara James, singer

Metaphysic, AI artists

Nicolas Ribs, magician

Mike E Winfield, comedian

Let’s circle back to tonight’s America’s Got Talent. The Mayyas are the last Golden Buzzer act to compete in the semifinals. Sofia Vergara slammed the buzzer and sent The Mayyas a cloud of golden confetti. Three of the other Buzzer winning acts are on to the finals. Two more — Maddie Baez and Lily Meola — still are alive for a wildcard spot.

So what makes The Mayyas stand out from other acts? Their dancing is novel. And they have a powerful backstory of female empowerment. Here’s their audition:

The Mayyas were created a decade ago. Choreographer Nadim Cherfan revealed that the group decided to audition for the show after watching Nightbirde. Jane Marczewski performed as Nightbirde on America’s Got Talent in summer, 2021. She sang “It’s OK,” a song she wrote as she battled cancer. The singer died in February.

Cherfan quoted her song before The Mayyas first audition. “We can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore to be happy.”

After their performance, Vergara told them “There are no words to explain to you what we’re feeling over here. It’s the most beautiful, creative dancing I’ve ever seen.”

Cowell added: “This really, really will make a difference. Full stop. That’s one part. And it was, arguably, the best dance act we’re likely to have ever seen. We’re honored to have you here.”