‘America’s Got Talent’: Who Will Compete with Chapel Hart for Finalist Spots?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Chapel Hart sizzled Tuesday to cap an America’s Got Talent semifinal round. The lead singer even dropped the mic to celebrate. But are there other acts who could knock them out of the top spot?

The summer talent show returns Wednesday to announce the winners from the second semifinals. America’s Got Talent fans will select one of the finalists. The judges will pick another act from the ones who finished second through fifth in the fan voting.

So who else might entrance the audience besides Chapel Hart? Last week’s first semifinal basically was a competition between three people. But the second semifinal featured at least five acts who gave show-stopping performances.

Maddie Baez, the youngest competitor still in the field, went viral during the audition rounds. Terry Crews, the host of America’s Got Talent, played a trick on the judges and asked Baez to sit in the audience rather than wait backstage with the rest of the people waiting for an audition. So it appeared like she did an impromptu audition. Baez sang “Amazing Grace” like an angel to earn a Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel.

For the semifinals, she did a cover of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love.” The AGT social media account tweeted: “Maddie Baez’s cover of “Higher Love” is stunning.

Simon Cowell immediately mentioned Baez’s America’s Got Talent audition after she finished her song.

“Everybody thought your golden buzzer was rigged,” Cowell told her. But “everything that happened was genuine. … You have steel in your eyes because you really want this.”

He added “you went off key at times. But it didn’t matter. That was a step up from your audition. You are seriously good.”

Baez also has a sweet backstory that fans of America’s Got Talent love. She sang for her father while he was being treated for cancer. Baez is only 12, but she’s well-known in California for singing the national anthem at various professional sporting events. Plus, she played a young Selena Quintanilla in Netflix’s Selena, the Series and has appeared in two other network talent shows.

Who else got the attention of the America’s Got Talent judges?

Magician Yu Hojin was so good he forced Cowell to admit “I am officially an idiot.” Cowell said no to Hojin in the auditions. But he changed his mind after the semifinals. Heidi Klum told Hojin” “Everything you do is so elegant.”

America’s Got Talent kicked off the second semifinal with the Chicago-based Pack Drumline. They danced as they pounded on a variety of drums. Their performance stunned the crowd. Fans were so loud that no one could hear Mandel as he gave the group his critique.

Sofia Vergara told them “that’s how you start the show. Cowell quipped: “That’s how you win the show.” 

Of course, the show ended with an exclamation point as Chapel Hart took the stage. Check the Outsider story here. The top two performers from Tuesday will join Drake Milligan and Avery Dixon in the America’s Got Talent finals, Sept. 13-14.