‘America’s Got Talent’: WWE’s Bella Twins Shock Judges, Fans After Performing in Disguise

by Suzanne Halliburton

What’s this? Were these Raggedy Ann wannabe dancers who auditioned for America’s Got Talent really fighting on stage?

That had to hurt as one pounded the other’s head on Simon Cowell’s buzzer. Annoying noise. Annoying noise. More annoying noise. Seriously, what are these women doing? Did they really just take out the security guard? Was this all about one no-showing for a rehearsal? After all, the four judges each hit their buzzers before the dancers finished their act.

If you watched Tuesday’s third round of auditions on America’s Got Talent, you probably had no idea whether the act was real or staged. Dancers or wrestlers. It turns out the dancers, who were both wearing disguises, were the Bella Twins. On AGT, they were the Duo Rag Dolls.

Bella Twins Pulled a Prank on America’s Got Talent

Nikki Bella and her twin sister Brie, a former WWE tag team, decided to play a prank on America’s Got Talent, specifically judge Simon Cowell. And Cowell finally figured it out when Nikki said, “Simon, is that extreme enough for you?” Nikki sat beside Cowell earlier this year to help judge AGT spinoff America’s Got Talent: Extreme.

But to the judges, Duo Rag Dolls were two women — Monique and Stefani — who met years ago in school. As Simon quizzed them about their act, they explained how they became dancers. “When the pandemic happened, we did all the TikTok challenges and realized we had a niche for dancing.”

The Bella Twins, Brie Bella (left) and Nikki Bella (right) pulled a prank on America’s Got Talent. (Matthew Bolt/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The two told the judges: “we’ve become breakout stars…. By the time people see our acts, they just want to be us. It’s crazy. We’re like ultimate influencers.”

“What we do is very creatively beautiful and extremely unique.” They said they were convinced they could win the show. and star in their own act in Las Vegas.

And the America’s Got Talent judging panel had no reason not to believe them. Crazy acts, who take themselves way too seriously, cross that stage multiple times a day while the show is auditioning. Then the two started dancing and prancing to a Britney Spears song. The crowd started booing. Cameras showed several people standing, giving the Duo Rag Dolls a collective thumbs down. Simon, never known for his tact, was the first to buzz the act. Howie Mandel was the final one.

Then, it got crazy, and the dancers started wrestling each other. The action moved from the stage, let’s call it a ring, to the judges’ row. Fans probably thought this dancing act was supposed to be all about wrestling, but who were these two? Each wore a wig and zany makeup.

When Simon figured out it was the Bella Twins, he smiled and said he should change his vote. “You are very naughty, you two. …They really got me.”