‘America’s Got Talent’: Young Contestant Stuns Judges With Terrifying Performance

by Tia Bailey

This season of America’s Got Talent is in full swing. We are deep in the live shows, and one young act stunned the judges this week.

10-year-old Harper gave an incredible audition, and fans were ready for more. She delivered a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits.” However, it wasn’t the cover that you would expect from such a small girl — it was a screamo cover.

Her first audition featured her screaming “Holy Roller.” When Harper walked out onstage, she was met with “aw”s from the judges and audience. The judges even brought her father out to sit in judge Howie Mandel’s seat because he was absent for that show.

When asked if she was nervous, Harper replied “very” and they wished her good luck. When Harper began to speak-sing the first part of the popular Spiritbox song, the camera panned to show looks of confusion. She then performing the screamo cover, and everyone was shocked. After the audience got past the surprise, they erupted into cheers for the young performer. She received a standing ovation from the audiences and judges, including her father, of course.

Simon Cowell compared her to a “mouse turning into a vampire bat,” in a positive way.

Harper received 3 yeses, and her first live show performance was last night.

Young ‘America’s Got Talent’ Performer Gives Screamo Cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Bad Habits’

It was clear that Harper was more comfortable with this performance, and her stage presence was great. Prior to the performance, Harper had revealed why she chose the song: “I’m not just a shouter, I’m a singer too and I’m going to do what it takes to get to the finals.”

Howie Mandel was shocked by her performance, saying, “I’m sure you’re going to rack up another 20 million and go viral. The only fear that I have is god forbid you’re in real trouble, but nobody’s going to come cause they just think you’re singing. I think there’s an audience for this, there really is.”

The judges as a whole all agreed that it was impressive how effortless she made her performance look.

Cowell again loved her performance.

“I loved that performance,” he said. “I tell you what. I love things that people are going to talk about. It’s frustrating, and by the way, your film package was brilliant, your personality was great and it was a great song choice. It’s something we don’t normally see or hear, so I’d rather see or hear someone like you than someone do something really boring. People are going to talk about you and I love you for that. You’re gutsy.”

The performance earned Harper shoutouts from several metal icons. Find out if Harper makes it to the finals of America’s Got Talent tonight.