‘America’s Got Talent’s Howie Mandel Recreates Legendary Chris Meloni Moment in Hilarious Video

by Sean Griffin

America’s Got Talent‘s longest-tenured judge Howie Mandel recreated a legendary Chris Meloni moment in a hilarious video shared to the comedian’s Twitter page.

“Behind the scenes #AGT,” the judge wrote in his tweet’s caption. In May 2022, actor Chris Meloni went viral for performing a series of splits in a crowd. In the video, Mandel channels his inner Chris Meloni and attempts to perform the same split. The video is shared with a split (no pun intended) screen showing Meloni’s viral video and Howie’s attempted recreation of it.

Howie Mandel lays down to perform the split. After a few seemingly agonizing seconds, and as others look on laughing in the background, Mandel says “Did you get it? Nina?” Then, he says, “I’m not doing it anymore.” The gathered crew bursts out with laughter.

The official AGT Twitter account responded back, “This is a perfect tweet.”

“Howie has zero flexibility,” one fan said.

“Sorry Howie but I gotta hit my buzzer,” another fan said, along with a red ‘x’ emoji. The fan refers to the red ‘x’ buzzers used on America’s Got Talent.

Howie had missed some time from the show, but he’s back and better than ever.

However, Howie is no stranger to wild antics on social media. Recently, he set Tik Tok ablaze when he posted a controversial video.

Howie Mandel’s Controversial Tik Tok Video

According to Newsweek, Howie Mandel posted a controversial video to Tik Tok a few weeks ago. Apparently, Mandel’s video shows a prolapsed anus as the comedian jokes about the image.

“This happened when a friend bent over,” he says in the clip. “Does somebody know, is this COVID related? And if it is, what do we do about it?”

According to the publication, “the video was up for several hours before it was removed, and Mandel has not acknowledged it in the clips he has posted since.”

Prominent Twitter users responded to the comedian’s cringe TikTok. NBC News reporter Kalhan Rosenblatt posted a tweet in response. They said, “Howie Mandel just traumatized an entire generation of kids with one TikTok.”

Then, user Samantha Scarlette tweeted, “Is Howie Mandel in his sane right of mind? That TikTok was absolutely insane. I’m just like wow…” they wrote.

Howie Mandel’s gross viral video caused him to trend on the popular social media app.

Sharing personal medical stories isn’t uncommon for the star. Famously, he shares his struggles with OCD and mysophobia (germophobia).

He also took to Twitter last year to update his followers after passing out during a visit to a Starbucks. “I was dehydrated and had low blood sugar,” he said. Yet, days before posting that tweet, he had shared video in the hospital while he recovered from a colonoscopy.