‘America’s Got Talent’s Simon Cowell Brings New Companion to Show’s Red Carpet: LOOK

by Samantha Whidden

Showing off his love for dogs, America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell brought a friend’s pet German Shepherd Husky mix to the red carpet of Tuesday’s Live Show at the Sheraton Hotel in Pasadena, California. 

The Daily Mail reports that Simon Cowell was all smiles as he walked away with the dog, who is named Odin. He also shared a video of him and Odin in an Instagram post. “Bring a puppy to work day,” he wrote in the social media post. 

Meanwhile, the Mirror reports that Simon Cowell’s company SyCo may be hit with a £1 million lawsuit. This is for bullying allegations from former X Factor contestants. It was reported that five solo acts and a group were approached by a law firm. And they intend to sue for alleged bullying, mistreatment, and neglect while on the former TV show. 

An unnamed contestant told the media outlet that being on the show was a horrific experience due to the situation. “Myself and five former acts have agreed to join forces and get the justice we deserve,” another contestant stated. They also said that Simon Cowell needs to take responsibility. “We lost a lot of money from having periods of our lives not making money to deal with trauma still ingrained from the show.” 

The lawsuit may likely be more than £1 million as the group plans to seek justice and compensation. This will be for the amount they believe they have spent on medical treatment for the trauma they had. They as claim that there is evidence to support their allegations of bullying. This includes emails, recordings, and psychological assessments. 

Simon Cowell’s SyCo Says There Are No Allegations that He Was Aware of or Personally Involved in the Bullying Incidents 

Following the news that Simon Cowell’s company SyCo may be hit with a lawsuit, the company issued a statement stating that there is no allegation that Cowell himself was in any way aware of or personally involved in the incidents alleged by those suing. 

A spokesperson of Simon Cowell’s former show, X Factor, stated, “Welfare of those taking part is our No. 1 priority and we have robust measures and welfare teams in place to ensure support is always available. We are unaware of any legal claims being filed against The X Factor and despite not being on air for several years, we remain open to discuss concerns with anyone who chooses to do so.”

However, the contestants suing shared more details about the abuse they endured. “But just moments before stepping on stage many contestants were sleep deprived, in tears and suffering trauma. Lots of contestants are from underprivileged backgrounds so getting on the show was like a winning lottery ticket. You’re sold the dream, but once you’re off the show, you’re thrown into the world with very little aftercare.”