Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Set to Join ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 31

by Joe Rutland

Joseph Baena, who is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, is apparently set to join Dancing with the Stars for its Season 31. Deadline reported that TMZ had posted some photos of Baena at a rehearsal for the show. Apparently, Baena was seen in an outfit similar to one that he had made a photo of on his Instagram account. Well, Baena is an athlete himself as he reportedly is an Olympic powerlifter. But Banea has the itch to act reportedly, too. He also finds time to work as a real estate agent.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Baena, earlier this year, said that he and Schwarzenegger had a common bond around fitness. Because of this, his father happened to give him the book The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. If that sounds familiar to Arnold fans, then it should as he co-authored the book. Baena would tell the outlet, “Even though I could call him anytime, I was too proud.” 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Son Believes ‘Hard Work Pays Off’

Baena is a result of Schwarzenegger’s relationship with Mildred, his former housekeeper. “My dad is old school, he doesn’t believe in handouts,” Baena said to Men’s Health. “He believes hard work pays off, and so do I. I love the word honor, and I’m very prideful in the sense that if I use my dad’s contacts or ask him for favors, I wonder what honor is that gonna bring me?” No comment would be forthcoming from an ABC spokesperson about Baena’s involvement in the competition show.

Now, this news of Baena’s participation would come after more show news would break on Thursday. Deadline also would report that Charli D’Amelio and mother Heidi will compete for the victory. If you don’t know, then D’Amelio is a star on TikTok. Additionally, Charli happens to be a trained dancer, too. You can catch Dancing with the Stars on the streaming platform Disney+ starting up on Sept. 19.

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently has one condition when it comes to his kids’ future careers. What in the world could it be? He would tell talk-show host Howard Stern this back in 2015. “I don’t care if they’re a plumber, if they’re a writer or if they’re a teacher, whatever they want to do, as long as they’re passionate,” Schwarzenegger said. The famed Austrian Oak from the world of bodybuilding always appeared to be passionate about his career in that world. Then, he would become an actor and find movie fame and fortune. Of course, Schwarzenegger would find life as a politician when he served as the governor of California. To this day, he shares his thoughts and opinions on social media, too.