‘Barry’ Star Henry Winkler Reveals Hilarious Question He Asks Creator Bill Hader Before Each Season

by Chris Piner

Announcing their nominations today, the 2022 Emmy Awards are causing a buzz around Hollywood as shows like Stranger Things, Better Call Saul, and Barry are top contenders. For HBO’s Barry, created by Alec Berg and star Bill Hader, the show has gained a massive fanbase. Following the story of a hitman looking for more in life, Bill Hader not only writes and directs but portrays the main protagonist, Barry Berkman. Among the well-rounded cast who brings Barry alive is none other than Happy Days star Henry Winkler. Nominated for supporting actor in a comedy, Winkler shared his excitement and the one question he asks Hader every season. 

Discussing the 2022 Emmy nominations, Henry Winkler admitted he and his wife love television. “My wife and I love television. I’ve seen everything that has been nominated. And how do you pick the best out of that? Abbott Elementary, when I saw it originally, I thought Oh my god, this young lady stars in it, wrote it, casted it so beautifully.”

Henry Winkler Shares The One Questions He Asks Bill Hader Before Each Season

Although looking for a win, season 4 of Barry is scheduled to start shooting in just a few weeks. Reading a couple of the scripts, Henry Winkler, who plays acting coach Gene Cousineau, only has one question for Bill Hader. “Every season. I call Bill and I say, ‘Bill. Am I dead?’ And he goes ‘No!’ And then I feel very good.”

Being an acting coach in the show, Henry Winker noted the best acting lesson he was ever given. “If I were really an acting teacher, I would say concentration, relaxation and listening is the beginning and the end. It’s the beginning and the end of relationships, listening to the other person, and it will tell you so much about what’s going on in that scene.”

Bill Harder Excited About His Friends Being Nominated

As for Bill Hader, acting alongside Henry Winkler has given the show many memorable moments. But when talking about the nominations, the former SNL cast member appeared thrilled by his friends being acknowledged. “My friend Hiro Murai got nominated for Atlanta, which I thought was also unbelievable this season. And I’m excited for our team too. Stunts and Carl Herse our DP and Franky Guttman our editor. It’s a nice morning and it’s nice seeing all these things that I’m genuinely a fan of be in the same category.”

Between seasons of Barry, Henry Winkler takes time to enjoy the easy things in life. He recently took a fishing trip, sharing the multiple trout he caught while on the lake. With Barry season 4 starting production, fans are eagerly awaiting to see where Barry ends up and if Cousineau survives.