Beloved Former NFL Coach To Compete in ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 34

by Chris Piner

With his father coaching both the Arizona Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles, it seemed that both coaching and the NFL were in the blood of Rex Ryan. Aspiring to follow the path of his father, Rex spent over 20 years as an assistant coach to numerous teams. And eventually, it paid off as he coached the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. He even won a Super Bowl while the defensive line coach for the Baltimore Ravens. Beyond leading a professional football team and being a husband and father, it appears Ryan is looking to expand his accomplishment by appearing on the 34th season of the long-running TV show Amazing Race

Although the Amazing Race has entertained households for over 20 years, the rules haven’t changed much over the last few years. 12 teams race across the world, using clues to get them to their destination. With each new leg of the race, the last team might be eliminated. With language barriers, obstacles, and 12 teams competing for $1 million, it’s easy to see the success and draw of the show. And now with a former NFL coach on the roster, the new season, premiering this Fall is sure to be thrilling, to say the least. But as any good football team knows, success isn’t a one-person job. 

Rex Ryan Reveals Team Name For The Amazing Race

Joining Rex Ryan on his journey to $1 million is his golfing buddy Tim Mann. With Rex almost 60 years old, Mann considers himself to be the young guy on the team at 41 years old. Their team name is “Team T-Rex”. Giving a glimpse into how their friendship started, Rex said in a promo, “Where our story kinda started was, his love for the Buffalo Bills. And the fact that I failed miserably as the coach of the Buffalo Bills.”  

Discussing his team’s chances of winning this season of the Amazing Race, Rex Ryan admitted, “I do know a little bit about team building. If you want to be really good, you lean on yourself. If you want to be great, you lean on yourself and others.” He added, “A lot of people will love us just because we are kind of the underdogs here,” he said. “Why not us? We got a 1-in-12 chance, might as well go for it.”

Given that there are 11 other teams hoping to beat team T-Rex to the finish line and win $1 million, the coach will run against contestants like a pair of long-lost twins, a set of ballroom dances, two motivational speakers, and keeping with the NFL theme, former cheerleaders of the National Football Association. It is unclear if Rex knows the former cheerleaders or not. 

The newest season of the Amazing Race premieres on September 21.