‘Bering Sea Gold’ Star Brad Kelly Sentenced to Prison in Domestic Violence Case

by Caitlin Berard

For nearly a decade, Brad Kelly was best known for his starring role in the reality TV series Bering Sea Gold. Now, however, his name will be associated with a much more sinister event. The Bering Sea Gold star recently struck a plea deal for a domestic violence case in Alaska and will serve time in prison.

Kelly was arrested in February of this year after striking the mother of his child. According to TMZ, officers at the scene told hospital staff that the woman had suffered life-threatening injuries, as at least one of the brutal blows was to her head.

The official report created by police stated that the altercation began with an argument. The woman explained that she went to sleep following the disagreement and woke up to find Brad Kelly standing over her, drenched in her blood.

At the time, Kelly argued that she fell and hit her head on a table. However, he was arrested and charged with second-degree assault and domestic violence.

To avoid bringing the case to trial, Kelly pled guilty to felony assault, after which prosecutors dropped the remaining charges. The Bering Sea Gold star is facing four years behind bars. Three of those years, however, are suspended, meaning he could be released in as little as eight months.

Upon his release, Brad Kelly will be on probation for an additional five years. Kelly has been in custody since February 11 of this year.

‘Bering Sea Gold’ Star Brad Kelly Once Stole Money From His Sons

In 2015 the Kelly family of Bering Sea Gold was embroiled in an intense drama when Brad Kelly stole an incredible amount of gold from his sons. According to the Kelly family patriarch, the gold, valued at more than $13,000, was stolen to help pay for his newborn child.

Brad explained that he felt the theft was justified because his children wouldn’t have their gold mining careers without him. The stolen gold was simply “the price of working” for him. When Andy Kelly found out that the gold was gone, he quit the business. He eventually returned, however, to help his brother Kris.

This was just two years following Shawn Pomrenke’s multiple arrests for DUI. According to TMZ, the first incident occurred in 2012 when Shawn backed into a pedestrian. Rather than stopping to check on them, Pomrenke “smiled and gave a thumbs up” before speeding away. When police finally caught up to him, he blew a .125 on a breathalyzer test.

A year later, he was arrested for DUI again. This time, he was apprehended after driving at a reckless speed of 102 MPH in Nome, Alaska. While in police custody, he blew a .156 on the breathalyzer. Shawn was also driving without the required Ignition Interlock Device, with which he was required to drive thanks to his previous arrest. He was sentenced to 180 days but served a mere 2 weeks in jail.