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What Classic TV Show Has the Best Theme Song of All Time? The Internet Weighs in

by Megan Molseed
Mash stars on set
Credit: CBS Photo Archive

We all have a favorite show from the library of TV classics. Some of these classics are sitcoms that leave us reminiscing about the good old days. Others are one-hour-long dramas that take us down emotional journeys during the primetime hours. Some of these classic shows are even fun crime dramas with Hawaiian shirt-loving detectives. Whatever the case TV has left an impact on us all in one way or another for decades now.

One component of what we love about our favorite shows is oftentimes the theme song connected to the series. Sometimes, these theme songs sit in our minds long after the show leaves the airwaves. Now, Redditors are weighing in on these theme songs. Many commenters are jumping onto the post discussing which classic TV show features the best theme song of all time.

It’s A Tough Choice, Deciding Which TV Theme Song Should Be Hailed As The Best So Far

For some of us, the intro music at the start of a series is just as much a character as the stars of the shows. So, what shows carry with them the best theme songs of all time? This is a question one Redditor posed on the popular social media platform recently. And many commenters were more than happy to drop in their two cents on this topic!

Among the most popular theme songs mentioned on the Reddit post is the iconic music associated with the hit TV sitcom series, M*A*S*H. Now, anyone who has watched this classic television series knows that there is so much more to the war-era television show than just laughs. Sure, there are plenty of chuckles surrounding the series. However, the overall plot centers around the M*A*S*H unit in the Korean War. And, the theme song remains an intense reflection of the show’s topical nature, becoming synonymous with the series.

“[M*A*S*H] gets my top spot,” one Redditor comments on the post.

Around the same time that the M*A*S*H TV series hit the airwaves, another iconic sitcom was finding some major fame. This series is the barroom-based comedy series Cheers. And, much like M*A*S*H, this sitcom series brought with it another unforgettable theme song hit.

“Toss up between [M*A*S*H] and [Cheers] for me,” one Redditor says in the thread. Then, this commenter adds a couple more classic theme songs to the mix noting “Gilligan’s Island and Beverly Hillbillies are right up there since I can still sing them 50 years later…

Redditors Discuss One ‘Golden’ Theme Song That Is A Fan-Favorite

Of course, one classic TV sitcom theme that has us all humming along is the classic tune played at the beginning of the iconic comedy series The Golden Girls. In fact, one Redditor seems to put it best when they comment that the Golden Girls’ theme song Thank You For Being A Friend is one that “makes you feel warm inside” from the start.

Another favorite theme song mentioned throughout the Reddit post is the theme song to the series following the legendary Tom Selleck detective character, Thomas Magnum. This series is, of course, the iconic 1980s hit, Magnum PI.

This wildly popular series features Selleck as the smooth-talking, Hawaiian shirt-wearing star detective, Thomas Magnum aka Magnum PI. This show’s memorable theme song is much like the M*A*S*H theme song with no lyrics. However, from the moment the tune begins most fans know exactly what series to which the iconic theme music is connected.