‘Better Call Saul’ Showrunner Speaks Out About Midseason Premiere’s Shocking Death

by Alex Falls

The first episode from the final run of Better Call Saul finally aired this week. The acclaimed TV series wasted no time in bringing major stakes and impactful moments. Showrunner and series co-creator Peter Gould sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to offer some perspective. Now that fans have seen the events of “Point and Shoot”, he’s freer to discuss show specifics.

Gould described what he and the writers try to accomplish as a “good piece of music.” The one thing he hopes to avoid is sliding into a rhythm that makes everything predictable.

“All you can think about while you’re doing this stuff is, ‘Well, this is how the world is going to see it,'” Gould said. “We have a fantastic team to work with and maybe I’m being a little greedy and want to work with everybody for as long as possible.”

Better Call Saul follows in the footsteps of one of the most acclaimed shows of all time, the award-winning Breaking Bad. Gould said he and his team certainly use the previous show as a reference. However, one of his goals for Better Call Saul‘s final run is to distinguish it and define its own voice apart from Breaking Bad.

“There are some things coming up that are their own animal,” Gould said. “I think it’s all organic to where the show is and where the characters are, what happens, but you’re gonna see some different tones, some different environments, some different characters. Hopefully, it all feels like a unified whole, because it’s still telling the story of our main cast.”

Past and Future of Better Call Saul

Without going into specific spoilers, the final episodes of Better Call Saul kicked off in dramatic fashion and saw the deaths of some major characters. Gould wants to keep fans guessing about what’s to come. With so much story to cover, they have to stay creative to keep things unpredictable.

“It would be a totally reasonable choice to save these very dramatic deaths for the last couple of episodes, but we have other business to attend to… Our main focus is really on the development and the psychology of the characters, so it sort of organically fell here that this is where these things would happen. But there’s a lot more drama yet to come,” Gould said.

Gould has worked with the Saul Goodman character since its inception in the second season of Breaking Bad. He looks back fondly on the joy of seeing Bob Odenkirk embody the role and the privilege of fleshing the character out over so many years.

“Saul Goodman’s introduction to our world was my third produced episode of television. I’d done long-form before that, and that was only the second time I was actually on set as a writer,” Gould said. “So I think every moment of that shoot is burned into my memory. Everything subsequent is a little bit of a blur, but that’s burned into my memory, the joy of seeing Bob play this role for the first time. I had no idea that I was going to be watching him play the role for 12 more years. It just seems too good to be true.”