‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Hopes To Get Costar Rhea Seehorn in Upcoming Project

by Samantha Whidden

Following the midseason finale of his TV series “Better Call Saul,” Bob Odenkirk revealed that he’s already looking into his next filming project, which he hopes co-star Rhea Seehorn will be a part of. 

In a recent interview with Variety, Bob Odenkirk said he wants his “Better Call Saul” castmate to team up with him for “Guru Nation,” a docu-style comedy series. “I hope I can get her,” Odenkirk stated. He even mentioned Seehorn playing a very un-Kim-like character. Which is described as an “impetuous, uncertain woman who’s scared and easily manipulated.”

Meanwhile, Seehorn said she’s looking into her next roles “carefully” after “Better Call Saul” comes to an end. “I think I would like to direct again, and I’m going to prioritize what my next acting role is.”

The “Better Call Saul” leading lady further explained she’s looking into feature films, developing a limited series, and regular series. “I have a lot of trouble when people ask, ‘What genre do you want to do? What don’t you want to do?’ Because my answer is: ‘Really smart writing.’ But they’re like, ‘Do you not want to do sci-fi?’ I don’t know. If it’s ‘Severance,’ yes. If it’s ‘Black Mirror,’ yes. It’s complexity of role, complexity of writing. I would totally do comedy again, for sure. I very much like things that are hard to pin down.”

‘Better Call Saul’ Co-Creator Talks About Rhea Seehorn’s Character & Her Fate on the Hit Series

Peter Gould, who is the co-creator of “Better Call Saul,” also spoke to Variety about what fans can expect. He spoke on Rhea Seehorn’s character, Kim, in the second half of the show’s final season. 

“Here’s a character who was never mentioned or even alluded to on ‘Breaking Bad,’ and yet she’s become the focus of so much love and concern,” Gould explained. “It’s the greatest compliment in the world because it says that we’ve accomplished something that we were hoping to do, which was to make a show that could stand on its own.”

The “Better Call Saul” co-creator praised Seehorn for being a major part of her character’s development. “I think it’s a tribute to her brilliance that people are this concerned about her.”

Odenkirk further praised Seehorn for her role in the series by stating the actress brought texture and depth with seriousness and playfulness in certain moments. “These writers write characters that add layers every time you see them. And she just dug into that and showed everybody just how great she is.”

In regards to being roommates with Odenkirk and Patrick Fabian while filming “Better Call Saul,” Seehorn added, “It was theater nerd camp. The whole cast shares this idea that if you are given this level of writing, you want to explore every possible line read there is.”