‘Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk Thanks Fans on Anniversary of His Heart Attack

by Alex Falls

Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk is riding high as the final season of the hit TV show is one of the biggest talking points in all of pop culture at the moment. However, things came very close to ending prematurely for Odenkirk last year when he suffered a heart attack while on set filming the highly anticipated final episodes.

On the one-year anniversary of his heart attack, Odenkirk took to his Twitter to offer all of his supporters a thank you for sticking with him through the fateful experience.

“A Thank You to you, whoever you are,” Odenkirk wrote in the heartfelt post. “A year ago today I briefly flirted with ‘quietus’ and this elicited a wave of goodwill and warmth towards me. I will forever feel unworthy of it. I will also always be appreciative and look to pass it on. Thank you. No reply necessary.”

The Better Call Saul might have asked for no replies, but that didn’t stop his fans from offering well wishes. “I couldn’t do anything productive until I heard the good news of you being alright my friend. The day twitter stood still,” wrote one fan. “You give me a LOT to look forward to every week. This is more important than you know,” wrote another loving fan.

Better Call Saul Writer Reflects on the Star’s Heart Attack

Longtime Better Call Saul writer Gordon Smith was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the final season and during the conversation he talked about what it was like on set the day Odenkirk suffered his heart attack. He called it a traumatizing situation for everyone involved, but through it all he called it a learning experience.

“Almost immediately after we got back, Sony actually offered us a CPR training course,” Smith said. “So several of us who were there and our post team all took that CPR training course. And on the other side of that CPR training course, I got an AED, which is an automated external defibrillator… They save lives including Bob’s life. Rosa saved his life by using her AED. There were a lot of other people involved in saving Bob’s life, but it was an intense day.”

Smith said he’s relived his friend pulled through and they were able to carry on with their vision of the show. The situation came close to having a much darker turn.

“You never know when things are gonna happen or how much time you have in life,” Smith said. “Bob has spoken about it, but we were all really lucky that it happened while he was on stage. That meant there were hundreds of people around. When we go out on location, the crew kind of divides, but everyone, the entire crew, was right there and right in it. So we were able to draw upon our resources.”