‘Better Call Saul’: Bryan Cranston Reveals Details About Filming Walter White’s Return in Secrecy

by Caitlin Berard

When Walter White (Bryan Cranston) died in the thrilling series finale of Breaking Bad, fans assumed they would never see the character again. Just two years later, however, Better Call Saul premiered. To fans’ surprise, the series followed Saul Goodman’s life before the events of Breaking Bad.

As the new drama was a prequel, fans immediately began speculating that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) could make an appearance somewhere along the way. It took seven years and six seasons, but Breaking Bad fans finally got their wish.

With the series finale looming, it was finally announced that Walter and Jesse would return for a cameo appearance. That, however, is where the details regarding the return of the iconic duo end.

To make the wait even more excruciating for fans, Walter and Jesse did not appear before the midseason finale and Better Call Saul is currently in its mid-season hiatus. With the second half of the final season on the way, Bryan Cranston was allowed to share about his “exciting” return to Walter White.

Bryan Cranston Describes Walter White’s ‘Secret’ Return for ‘Better Call Saul’

While taking care not to reveal too much about his and Aaron Paul’s return to their award-winning Breaking Bad characters, Bryan Cranston explained the journey to New Mexico for the filming of Better Call Saul.

To fans, the cameos appeared to be a spur-of-the-moment decision for producers. However, Cranston revealed that it was put into motion over a year ago. “It was [surreal],” he recalled. “Aaron Paul and I had to coordinate our schedules to make sure we were available when they were in production. So a year ago, April, is when we shot it.”

The events of Season 6 of Better Call Saul are under such tight wraps that even Bryan and Aaron don’t know which episode they’re in. “And because it was a separate section of us shooting the scene, I don’t know what actual episode it’s in,” Cranston explained. “Because it wasn’t done in order.”

For everyone involved, it was essential that the appearances remain a secret. So, to ensure that no one found out about the upcoming cameos, even accidentally, producers laid down some heavy rules. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston were instructed not to leave their Airbnb under any circumstances.

“We were flown into New Mexico secretly and they created this shroud of privacy,” he said. “We were sent right away to an Airbnb house that we were not allowed to leave.”

“There was all this stuff going on, it was exciting!” the Breaking Bad star continued. “But also a secret and we kept it secret for a year. … And then when Better Call Saul premiered they announced it. And Aaron and I said, ‘Oh, well, I guess we can talk about it now!'”