‘Better Call Saul’ Creator Reveals Series Finale’s Alternate Ending

by Craig Garrett

Classic tv series Better Call Saul ended its run last night on a perfect note, but the series co-creator revealed it was almost different. “Saul Gone”, the final episode of the epic series, is set mostly in the post-Breaking Bad timeline. Fans finally see Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman aka Gene Takovic arrested after years of evading authorities. The woman that brought Jimmy down was the nearly 90-year-old Marion (national treasure Carol Burnett). She activated her Life Alert when she realized who Jimmy really was.

Once in custody, Jimmy goes into full-on Saul Goodman mode. He expertly negotiates his massive sentence down to a meager 7 years. After hearing that his ex-wife and former partner in crime, Kim Wexler, revealed their part in the murder of a colleague, Jimmy confesses to past wrongdoings in court which leads to a prison sentence for the rest of his life.

Previously, Kim and Jimmy were estranged, but after his selfless act, he regains her respect. This leads to Better Call Saul‘s final sequence. Kim visits Jimmy in prison under the guise of legal advice. The pair smoke a cigarette before they say goodbye to one another. She leaves the prison, noting Jimmy in the exercise yard, giving her the shooting fingers gesture. As poignant as the final image was, it nearly ended on a different note.

Better Call Saul‘s co-creator had a different ending in mind

Peter Gould created the character of Saul Goodman way back in a 2009 episode of Breaking Bad titled “Better Call Saul.” He went on to co-create a series for the character with Vince Gilligan. Gould has spent a dozen years with Saul Goodman and wanted him to exit on the perfect beat.

“I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether to end in the interview room scene, with the two of them leaning against the wall, or to end with her leaving the prison,” Gould told Entertainment Weekly. Having Kim and Jimmy leaning against the wall would bring the series full circle. That’s essentially how we first saw the pair together in the first episode of Better Call Saul.

Still, as fitting as it might have been, Gould had his doubts. “It felt incomplete to me to leave them against the wall. For one thing, it felt like maybe there was more story there in a weird way,” he explained. “And it felt more honest to have her leave the prison because, of course, she does have to leave. But whether she’ll be back or not is for the audience to decide.”

Kim Wexler was the looming question over Better Call Saul‘s run. The character never appeared in Breaking Bad, so some fans feared the worst. Kim might have a tough road ahead while rebuilding her legal career and fighting a potential civil suit. Still, it was great for fans to learn that she escaped a more grim fate and forged a path to forgiveness for Jimmy.