‘Better Call Saul’ EP Explains ‘Breadcrumbs’ Connecting the Prequel to ‘Breaking Bad’

by Samantha Whidden

With the series finale of “Better Call Saul” just weeks away, writer and executive producer Gordon Smith reveals details about the “breadcrumbs” that connect the prequel TV series with “Breaking Bad.”

“There are times to be oblique, and there are times where we live to give breadcrumbs,” the “Better Call Saul” EP explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “But these breadcrumbs are 13 years apart, so it felt like they needed to be big breadcrumbs. That was our thinking in terms of making it that exact and that specific.  It also helps us feel why Jimmy is so scared in ‘Breaking Bad’s’ 208. He’s carried the terror of this moment all these years.”

Smith went on to explain that he believed the “Better Call Saul” character’s brain is going to remember that moment. “Going, ‘Oh my god, at any second, Lalo could come and snuff out my life and the life of anyone I’ve ever cared about.”

In regards to how he would describe the rest of the season of “Better Call Saul,” Smith added, “Intricate. Satisfying. Intricately satisfying. When we’re no longer recording, I’ll tell you the one I would give you if I didn’t feel like it gave things away.”

‘Better Call Saul’ Co-Creator Talks About What Fans Can Expect for the rest of the season. 

Meanwhile, “Better Call Saul” co-creator Peter Gould spoke about the second half of the series’ final season. When asked if he is still tinkering with the season, Gould says picture editing is complete. “There are a few changes still coming maybe on the series finale, but mostly we’re doing sound and visual effects and color timing and things like that.”

Gould also discussed which parts he plans to drag out until the last second. “You know, I think ‘compulsion’ is the right way to put it. All you can think about while you’re doing this stuff is, ‘Well, this is how the world is going to see it.’

Gould further explained that the crew is fantastic to work with. “And maybe I’m being a little greedy and want to work with everybody for as long as possible.”

Gould also said that his crew doesn’t have an obligation to do the same thing in every episode. “We’re following where the story takes us. In these couple of episodes, the story took us to some very, very dark places and you’ll see where it’s going from here. And this episode, episode eight, I don’t even know if there’s a ‘Breaking Bad’ that’s quite like it, because it takes place almost in real-time. The body of the episode takes place almost in the same amount of time that you’re viewing it.”

The final episode of “Better Call Saul” will premiere on August 15th.