‘Better Call Saul’ Fans Enraged Over Streaming ‘Issues’ During Finale

by Caitlin Berard

Back in April, Season 6 of the hit Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, hit the small screen, marking the beginning of the end for the beloved TV series. Week by week, fans savored the final stories of Saul Goodman, his criminal escapades, and his many, many enemies. And finally, the simultaneously long-awaited and dreaded day came: the airing of the series finale.

After seven years and six seasons with the slimy lawyer and his fellow morally ambiguous characters, fans were heartbroken to say goodbye but couldn’t wait to find out where the story ended. Millions around the world opened AMC Plus and prepared for the ensuing rollercoaster of emotions.

Just as the episode was bringing its fans to a fever pitch, however, something went wrong. Rather than the cryptic live tweets and unapologetic spoilers, social media began to fill with complaints directed at AMC plus. An outage on the app resulted in countless viewers being logged out mid-episode.

“Kicked me out of the app while watching the series finale of Better Call Saul. Now the app won’t let me log back in,” one frustrated user wrote. “AMC decided to crash in the middle of the Better Call Saul finale. Some heads are gonna roll,” another agreed.

AMC Plus Responds to ‘Better Call Saul’ Crisis

Realizing the horrifying error, AMC Plus took to Twitter to assure its users that the show would be available again momentarily. “Hello – we are aware of issues for some users streaming tonight’s Better Call Saul,” they wrote. “We are working on a fix ASAP.”

And well, users didn’t like that either, claiming that the platform’s use of “some” was rather generous. “‘Some’ users? Are there AMC+ users who are actually able to watch? Utter fail,” an enraged fan replied.

“What percentage of users were unable to access the content? Twitter suggests the problem frustrated far more than just ‘some’ subscribers,” another said. “I can’t wait to delete this app,” a third agreed.

Fans Shower Praise on Series Finale

Though the AMC Plus streaming fiasco put a slight damper on the evening, it wasn’t enough to distract fans from the fact that the series finale of Better Call Saul was nothing short of a masterpiece. And when they were finally able to finish the episode, fans flooded social media to praise the series.

“That was one of the best finales I’ve ever seen,” one fan wrote. “Masterfully crafted finale for tonight’s final episode of Better Call Saul! Farewell,” another said. “Better Call Saul stuck the landing. You love to see it,” agreed a third.