‘Better Call Saul’: How the Latest Farewell Rocked Longtime Fans

by Craig Garrett

After a series of shocking character deaths, it’s another type of goodbye that left Better Call Saul fans reeling. Warning: Spoilers for season six of Better Call Saul lie ahead. In the final season of the hit tv show, there have been major, grisly ends to a few key characters. Nacho, Howard, and Lalo all were gunned down in recent episodes. Fans were left biting their nails over the fate of Kimberly “Kim” Wexler, played by Emmy-nominated Rhea Seehorn. The character never makes an appearance on Breaking Bad, leading viewers to fear the worst.

However, Kim’s fate was revealed in the latest episode of Better Call Saul, “Fun and Games”. After a series of schemes with Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk)that lead to nothing but trouble, Kim left before things got any worse. Kim recognizes her guilt in an innocent person’s death. Meanwhile, the Saul transformation appears to be Jimmy’s attempt to avoid accepting responsibility for his actions.

It might seem somewhat subtle for Better Call Saul fans expecting more drug cartel-related danger. However, it makes sense in regard to Jimmy finally making the final transition to Saul Goodman. It’s difficult to picture Jimmy as a gregarious huckster in cheap suits—it’s far more on-brand that he’s putting up the theatrics to cover a profound well of agony. By the time we catch up with Saul in Breaking Bad, Jimmy McGill is no more.

“Fun and Games” closes with a flash-forward of Saul waking up in his gaudy mansion next to a random woman before heading to work, as he attempts to continue living. Essentially, Better Call Saul‘s timeline has caught up with Breaking Bad.

Bob Odenkirk opens up about Better Call Saul lining up with Breaking Bad

In a recent interview, Odenkirk elaborated on Kim leaving Jimmy and her law career. “I mean, it’s a rejection of him and everything she was [aiming for] — you know, it’s like her giving up on life. And he feels it’s caused by him dragging her into this,” Odenkirk told EW.

“Yeah, it’s true that she provoked him to do the most recent round of con jobs, but he always feels like he’s the person who brought this into their lives, made this a part of their lives. He showed that to her and he made that who they were as a team,” the actor said. “And now it’s blown up their relationship, but it’s also blown up her sense of herself, and he’s just destroyed her. I also think he doesn’t think it can possibly be true. He’s just aghast this is happening.”

Of course, Bob Odenkirk famously had a heart attack on the set of Better Call Saul back in 2021. He recalls how surreal it was to return to filming after his recovery. “The impact of that incident with my heart is something that’s resonated and continues to in my life. Like today. Like through time,” he quipped. “But the crew and the cast were really devastated by the incident because they were very present consciously and I was not. I was unconscious. So for me to come back, they were extremely sensitive. Everyone was very emotional and sweet and kind — and a little too concerned. [Laughs] Very worried about everything that I did… “