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‘Better Call Saul’ Star Julie Ann Emery Opens Up About Betsy’s Return

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Crime team Betsy and Craig Kettleman were back to their usual tricks on Better Call Saul last week, and according to actress Julie Ann Emery, being able to film the episode was an honor she never thought she’d have.

Until recently, the Kettlemans hadn’t shown their faces on the Breaking Bad prequel since season 1. When Jimmy finally brought the conniving couple to justice after they pulled off a $1.6 million embezzlement scheme, he sent Craig on a 16-month prison stint. And that seemed to be the end of the duo.

But because the family was so loved by fans, the producers gave them their own TV short called Better Call Saul: No Picnic. And ever since, the show has been trying to find more ways to pull them back into the story.

As Emery told The Hollywood Reporter, the writers have been talking about having her and Craig actor Jeremy Shamos rejoin the cast “for a long time.” But co-creator Peter Gould couldn’t figure out how to make their characters “make sense for the story.”

Luckily, Gould worked out a way to do it for April 18th’s episode titled Carrot and Stick. But despite the fact that Better Call Saul showed serious interest in having Julie Ann Emery reprise her role, she just assumed she never would. In fact, she assumed she “was done with Betsy” on a few occasions. And each time, she went through the process of saying a final farewell to the cast and crew.

Julie Ann Emery Isn’t Done with ‘Better Call Saul’

When she and Shamos wrapped up the season 1 episode Bingo, the Kettleman duo handed out bags of kettle corn to the crew as a cute way of saying “goodbye.”

But then, Gould called them up to work on No Picnic with the now-producer Jenn Carol.

“She’s fantastic,” Emery gushed.

And, of course, Better Call Saul couldn’t finish off its final season without bringing the Kettlemans back one last time. The writers have found ways to reunite many of its most loved villains with the story. And they’ve also been writing the favorites from Breaking Bad into the script.

“So we shot [season six, episode two] a year ago. And I assumed that would be it as well. Jeremy and I have thought this over and over again,” she confessed.

Julie Ann Emery thought she was most certainly done with her devious Better Call Saul character after her season 6 appearance. But once again, she was wrong. Gould had one more reprisal up his sleeve and it was for a 10-minute special titled American Greed. And it looks like she may still have another Betsy stint in her future, too.

“We shot that in March of this year, so that turnaround was very fast. So we thought we had said goodbye to the Kettlemans once season six wrapped,” Emery added. “But suddenly, Vince had an idea for a Better Call SaulBreaking Bad crossover on American Greed.”