‘Better Call Saul’ Star Julie Ann Emery Reveals Her Favorite Betsy Line

by Samantha Whidden

Following the premiere of the sixth and final season of AMC’s hit TV series “Better Call Saul,” Julie Ann Emery reveals her favorite Betsy line.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Julie Ann Emery discussed her all-time favorite Betsy line. “I have such a difficult time choosing a single favorite line. But one of my favorite lines might be in the [Valerie Chu-written] ‘American Greed’ episode. It’s so Betsy-specific. But it’s when Craig says, ‘We’re victims.’ And then Betsy looks at the camera and says, ‘We’re survivors.’”

Although she believes that she thinks it’s weird to use that line, Julie Ann Emery also says that it’s so at the core of her “Better Call Saul” character. She then admits that Betsy is terrifying to play as an actor. “Because the pockets for her is about six inches wide. If you go outside that pocket, it’s just bad acting. And noddy wants to be bad in the ‘Breaking Bad – Better Call Saul’ universe. Because everyone is brilliant in it.”

 Julie Ann Emery further explains that she never feels like she has Betsy until she’s with Jeremy Stamos, who plays Craig Kettleman, her character’s husband. “ We created them very collaboratively, more so than any other thing I’ve ever done on screen. Until we’re behaving together as the Kettlemans, we don’t have them.”

Julie Ann Emery Talks ‘Karen’ Connection of Her ‘Better Call Saul’ Character Betsy 

Meanwhile, Julie Ann Emery talks about the “Karen” connection her “Better Call Saul” character has. “Watching the Internet over the last few years and seeing the rise of the ‘Karens’ has been really shocking to me. Maybe these people have always existed. But they’re just coming out of the woodwork and making themselves very vocal on the Internet.”

Julie Ann Emery then describes “Karens” as people that feel entitled to whatever they deem good for their lives and families. “They have to climb out of whatever financial situation they’re in now, and she’s found a way to do that. And I say she because I very much think that Mr. Kettleman just goes along with it. But he’s a little more vocal now than he used to be.”

The actress goes on to explain that Mr. Kettleman was definitely changed by prison. “He’s willing to say, ‘Mr. McGill! It’s so good to see you,’ in front of Betsy, even though he knows that’s going to make her angry. Mr. Kettleman is so funny; he kind of grew a happy pair in jail, which is interesting to me. He gets himself into trouble a lot, so she has to look out for him.”

“Better Call Saul” airs on Mondays.