‘Better Call Saul’ May Have a Major Plot Hole, This Foreshadowing Reveals

by Craig Garrett

Better Call Saul fans are still reeling from a recent character death, but does that demise come with a gaping plot hole? The Breaking Bad spin-off is well known for intricate storytelling and air-tight continuity. In that regard, many plot threads came together in season six’s episode “Point and Shoot.” After seasons of build-up, Gustavo Fring and Lalo Salamanca faced off. It was one of the most anticipated showdowns in recent TV history.

However, as expected, Gus got the upper hand and dispatched Lalo. Using a cleverly hidden firearm and cover of darkness, Gus took Lalo down. To many viewers, Gus overcoming Lalo in a shoot-out seemed unlikely. Lalo seemed like the more skilled marksman and much more experienced fighter. Still, Gus is a calculating genius and had the home court advantage. Given the dark humor of Better Call Saul, some viewers may even believe Gus’s success in the firefight was sheer dumb luck. Is it a rare plot hole that Gus managed to come out on top?

Better Call Saul’s plot holes aren’t what they seem

A possible explanation might be found earlier in the very same episode. Lalo planned to use Jimmy McGill as a distraction in his plot to get to Gus. He claims he needs Jimmy to assassinate Gus and provides the cowardly lawyer with a handgun. Lalo describes the firearm as, a revolver. It’s already loaded, no safety. It’s idiot-proof. You point and you shoot.” When we jump forward to the showdown between Lalo and Gus, it’s a revolver that Gus uses to dispatch Lalo.

The Better Call Saul writers clearly were foreshadowing to the audience. Lao’s description of the ease of use of revolvers perfectly sets up how Gus may pull out a victory. Some die-hard fans still consider the hidden pistol Gus used as a plot hole, though. Even though Gus is a genius, it seems far-fetched that he would know exactly where to hide the pistol.

Better Call Saul’s writers set up a payoff through an intricate series of events

However, this so-called plot hole can also be explained through Better Call Saul‘s masterful writing. When Gus learned Lalo Salamanca survived season 5’s assassination attempt, he expected an immediate reaction. He surrounded himself with an abundance of protection, amping up security tenfold. Lalo’s lack of instant rebuttal puzzled Gus. The writers then laid out a series of events that would help Gus gain insight into Lalo’s plans.

When Gus served up spice curls at Los Pollos Hermanos, he was reminded of Peter Schuler. Peter was the executive that proposed spice curls to Gus during Better Call Saul season 5. Thinking of Schuler conjures up his superlab, which was funded by Peter and designed by German engineers. This mental link pushes Gus to believe that Lalo Salamanca will want proof of the superlab before attempting to kill him. Gus checks out the lab site in advance, sets a few things in his favor, then hides a pistol inside a digger.

It’s a crazy amount of set-up that fans of Better Call Saul have come to expect.