‘Better Call Saul’: Mike Actor Jonathan Banks Was Disappointed in This Aspect of the Show

by Craig Garrett

Better Call Saul just wrapped, but actor Jonathan Banks has one regret about an aspect of his character going unexplored. For 4 seasons of Breaking Bad and all 6 seasons of Better Call Saul, the actor played Mike Ehrmantraut. Mike was a fixer that worked for Saul Goodman and Gus Fring. Mike was a breakout character on Breaking Bad and quickly became a fan favorite. Fans loved seeing the gritty, no-nonsense old-timer handle any situation with expert cool.

Better Call Saul allowed Jonathan Banks to explore Mike a little more in-depth. Since Mike was a more central character in the prequel tv series, audiences were given a much deeper look at his tragic past. Banks received 4 Emmy nominations for his Better Call Saul run. However, Banks does feel that one important element of the character was never looked into.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jonathan Banks elaborated on the path never taken with Mike. “My biggest thing was — and it really disappointed me was — my son had a mother. Who? What was she? And I would’ve loved to have seen that character come in.” Banks brings up an interesting question. Mike’s presumably ex-wife seemed to be out of the picture long ago. Still, viewers rarely got any hints about Mike’s romantic life in either series.

Jonathan Banks is included in other Better Call Saul cast members “wished for moments”

The Entertainment Weekly piece asked other cast members if there were scenes they wished had been filmed for the series. Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman himself) had an instant pitch for what would have been a classic scene. “Jimmy and Mike playing handball,” Odenkirk said. It’s tough to know which character would come out on top. However, Odenkirk doesn’t seem to think they’d actually play for long. “I think I’d get a racket in my head within two minutes,” Odenkirk quipped. “It’s always so fun to do scenes with [Jonathan] Banks and the Laurel and Hardy anger — or rather really, Mo and Curly, with Saul being Curly and Mike being Mo. It just killed me. He was simmering whenever he was talking to Saul.”

Meanwhile, Rhea Seehorn (Kim Wexler) had a scene idea that also involved Jonathan Banks. It may not make the most sense storywise, but fans would love to see it. “I always just thought it would be very funny if there was a poker contest with Jimmy, Kim, Gus, and Mike,” Seehorn said. “Jimmy would be out immediately. He can’t cover up anything. And I feel like Gus would probably be good at it, but for some reason, I feel Mike and Kim would be in the last round. I don’t think either of them have any tells.”