‘Better Call Saul’: New Episode Title Hints at Return of Kim Wexler

by Alex Falls

Better Call Saul is two episodes away from coming to an end. And the stakes continue to get higher and higher. One face that’s been missing from the last two episodes is Kim Wexler, played by Rhea Seehorn.

After episode nine, “Fun and Games” became so racked with guilt over Howard’s death that she surrenders her law license and leaves Jimmy behind to start a new life. Opening the door for Jimmy to transform fully into the sleazy Saul Goodman.

However, flash forward to the Gene storyline in the most recent episode “Breaking Bad” and Gene learns Kim has reached out to learn how he’s doing after the Heisenberg news went down. They end up having a heated conversation over the phone, but much of what was said was hard to distinguish.

Next week brings the penultimate episode of the show, and the title might hint at Kim Wexler’s full return. During their phone call, Gene learns Kim now lives in Florida working for Palm Coast Sprinklers. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the next episode is titled “Waterworks”. A strong indication that we could see the former lovers cross paths again after several years apart.

Better Call Saul Surprises

Fans were shocked to see Kim’s choice to leave Jimmy. But as Seehorn explained in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, sometimes the biggest surprises actually make the most sense.

“I was surprised. But as was frequently my reaction when I read these great scripts over the last seven years of my life, you’re surprised, and then you’re not,” Seehorn said. “It immediately makes sense. Nothing ever feels like clever shock value. I was like, ‘Oh right. That’s how much she can’t live in her own skin anymore.'”

Seehorn explained the reasoning behind Kim’s choice to leave. She described the character as feeling an “incredible amount of self-loathing” after the traumatic events leading up to the final season.

“While she’s dealing with it by looking almost catatonic in her suppression of emotion. She’s imploding, and she’s absolutely desperate,” Seehorn said. “She’s like, I cannot be this person anymore. I have no right to practice law. I have absolutely no right to pass judgment on others. But she’s been tipping the scales in the favor of those that are ‘deserving’ for years, which is absolutely an unethical way to practice law. And it ended up with a dead person at her feet.”

Kim Moving On

While several fans were shocked by Kim’s choice to leave her career and the love of her life, Seehorn saw the reasoning behind it.

Seehorn believes the moment of Kim deciding to leave has been building since early on in the show. Kim always wanted more despite thinking she was stuck in life.

“That’s all she could categorize it as,” Seehorn said. “And I think she’s at a place now where she thinks, ‘How dare I have wanted more than my station in life. I don’t deserve anything, I don’t deserve anything at all. I don’t deserve love… a relationship… a noble career.”