‘Better Call Saul’ Star Patrick Fabian Shares a Throwback Behind-the-Scenes Pic To ‘Happier Times’

by Craig Garrett

Actor Patrick Fabian took to his official Twitter to get nostalgic about shooting some early Better Call Saul episodes. Breaking Bad and its spin-off series, Better Call Saul, are some of the biggest tv shows in recent memory. With only one episode of Saul’s misadventures left, it feels like an end of an era. Fabian shared an image on Twitter going back to the beginning of an epic run.

“3 Lawyers in Happier Times,” Patrick Fabian captioned the image from the tweet. It shows himself and co-stars, Bob Odenkirk and Michael McKean. They’re obviously on set, dressed in suits outside of McKean’s character’s house. McKean played Chuck McGill, Jimmy’s (Odenkirk) older brother and partner in Howard Hamlin’s (Fabian) law firm. The image is likely from an early season of the series, as Michael McKean’s character was written out back in 2018. Fans loved the throwback image, with it getting thousands of retweets and over 50,000 likes.

Of course, Fabian’s character Howard Hamlin recently made an exit from Better Call Saul. During the midseason finale, fans were stunned as Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) murdered Howard in cold blood. Savvy fans knew his character was likely to have an abrupt end (he’s not in Breaking Bad, after all). However, seeing the affable and relatively harmless Hamlin snuffed out so violently was still a jolt.

Patrick Fabian was prepared for Better Call Saul’s end

However, Patrick Fabian was well aware that Howard would meet such an end. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the actor revealed when the showrunners of Better Call Saul broke the news to him. “Vince [Gilligan], Peter [Gould], and Melissa [Bernstein] gave me a call before the season even began,” Fabian explained. “No actor wants to have the triumvirate of your show call you before the season because you know it’s probably not good news. They didn’t let me know exactly what was in store. They just let me know that basically, my services were not going to be needed at this certain point.”

It’s nice to have some advanced warning, but Patrick Fabian still didn’t know exactly when, or how, Howard would make an exit. The security is so tight for the program, that the actors don’t know what will really happen until they read the script. “Just like everything else in Better Call Saul, it’s unfolded one script at a time,” Fabian said. “So I didn’t know until I read [episode] seven. Rhea [Seehorn] texted me and said, “Seven’s dropped. Have you read it yet?” And I was like, “Oh.” Even with the advanced warning, Fabian admits that he was as shocked as fans were.

“I have to say, as much as it plays out on the screen, on the page, it also is very abrupt. There’s that weird finality where you go, “Did I just read what I read?” It’s supposed to linger and have that impact,” he said. “I bet there’ll be a lot of people screaming at the television,” he quipped.